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DIY Denim // Ginger Jeans

Hi Dolls!

I had to sneak this post into 2015 because at the beginning of the year I had a goal of sewing up more independent pattern companies. I must say I have been so pleased with all of the patterns I have sewn thus far. They seem to be made for real people, by real people if that makes sense.

This rendition of the Ginger jean by ClosetCaseFiles is something that I haven’t seen in the blogosphere yet, Maternity jeans! We see the tutorials all the time, how to add a band to your RTW denim. Let me pause and say this… We are not expecting. Yet. But, when I was pregnant with baby number 1 I gained ALL of my weight in my thighs. I was not fortunate enough to continue wearing my same size jeans and just add a band or buy longer shirts to cover where my RTW jeans stopped at. That being said, I purchased ONE pair of maternity jeans and I wore those suckers till the wheels fell off literally. They were so comfy, had amazing stretch, and by the end they were more than distressed. They straight fell apart.

Denim has been on my sewing radar for quite some time, but like many sewers I just didn’t think all of the top-stitching, and putting my machine through hell was worth it. I had a gift card to Mood, and decided to pick up some Marc Jacobs stretch denim and give these jeans a go. I heard nothing but great things about this pattern, and thought why not make myself a durable pair of maternity jeans? We plan on having more babies so I know making my own jeans will be sure to stand the test of time, weight gain (and loss!), and spit up.. It took me about 2 days (sewing during nap time of course) and I had my first pair of jeans. Not so bad! The instructions were super clear, and if there was anything I had a question on I just hopped over to Heather’s sew along on her website. She goes a little more in depth in the sew along, but I found the pattern instructions to be a breeze so the sew-along wasn’t needed at every step of the way.

To be fair, my version has a mock front fly, no waistband, and no front pockets so that was a time saver. In most RTW maternity jeans, you’ll find this to be typical. I sewed up the higher waist version, and I think I could get some real pockets if I had chosen the lower waist version of this pattern. I also went by my hip measurements since I knew the waist would be my “belly band”. I think I could have graded in a little above the hip because it’s slightly loose there still.

After I sewed, serged, and top-stitched all of my seams and had everything done, I simply measured where I wanted the band and cut. I then traced my RTW version’s band, and made my own out of a swimwear knit from Joann’s.

I am so proud of this garment, and I know that I will get great use of this pair of denim. I didn’t style these because I really wanted to show the detail of the denim, and leave the styling for a later post when I am wearing them out of the house..

I am ready to get going on a “real” pair in the new year! Have you sewn any of your own jeans, or are you intimidated like I was? I say take that leap! I know there are a few things I can work on with the fit but I let it slide for the sake of pregnancy. I know I’ll fill them out at some point lol!! This is probably my favorite make of the year. I wish you all a happy new year, and see you soon!



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    1. Yes, do it! I’m going to make another pair or 3, and now she has a flare leg option! I can’t stand pdf patterns but she drafted the pattern with that in mind so it falls on two page columns (less taping and cursing lol!)

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