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DIY White Denim Jacket – Simplicity 1070

I am so happy to finally share this post!

For this look I teamed up with Michael Levine Fabrics to bring you an amazing DIY White Denim Jacket for Spring. I don’t typically like ordering online, but with Michael Levine it is stress free. They include great pictures so you can get good views of the fabric, and they provide a lot of information for you to make the best choice.

Are you ready for this DIY White Denim Jacket?

I have never owned white denim ANYTHING! But when I received this fabric in the mail, I knew it was destined for a lightweight spring jacket. It has a good weight, and a great stretch. The denim itself is very soft, and it has a slight striated texture on the right side which gives it a luxurious look and feel. The item number is ML293858 and they have a few other colors here

I chose Simplicity 1070 for the pattern because I loved the style lines and the stretch in this denim would be perfect for the pattern that calls for a “knit” fabric.

There weren’t any special techniques or finishes done on my jacket. The sewing was straightforward, and came together quick. The jacket is completely faced, with no lining so it will be great for our Vegas spring which reaches temperatures of 75+ daily.

I made the dress a long time ago. Maybe even two years ago? I love the color. I blogged about one version of this dress here. I immediately made another version in this blush ponte knit, but never got around to blogging it. I love that it matches my shoes. I don’t know that I’m cool enough to rock these on a daily basis, but they were free so I made them work for this post! Perks of being a shoe buyer hahaha there are literally shoes laying around the office EVERY DAY.


3 thoughts on “DIY White Denim Jacket – Simplicity 1070”

  1. Whoa! Everything about this post is super cool including you and your shoes! The white blazer is pretty! I would love to create one or two in different colours (not white though, I’m not that daring and I seem to attract ketchup or other flying food)

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