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DIY Side Panel Maternity Jeans

Right now I feel like I’m journaling for anyone who needs these references in the future. I’ve said before, it is sooooo difficult to find cute maternity clothing that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg. So any way I can do things myself, I’m willing to share.

I have done a tutorial or two on DIY Maternity jeans, and today I am bringing you all another SUPER EASY, down and dirty DIY Side Panel Maternity Jeans tutorial.

My last pregnancy I SWORE by full panel maternity jeans. It was all I wore. I feel like a full panel gives support, and takes a little pressure off of your back and bladder (don’t get crazy here, I said a little!). I stumbled across a super inexpensive side panel pant at Old Navy, and I fell in love. For whatever reason this pregnancy I’m not too fond of things on my belly, and the side panel jeans were a simple trick to keep my belly free. According to Pinterest searches, this style jean is “best” for first and second trimester. I say wear what the heck you want! But I thought that info was relevant in case you like to be told what to do.. *insert snarky smile*

Now for the jeans..

All you need is a pair of really stretchy denim (so you can grow into them. Not all of us are blessed to be “all belly”.. I’m ALL THIGHS ha!). Elastic (at least a yard. I used scrap elastic). Sewing machine, DUH!.

Step 1. Take your jeans and cut out the pockets. You basically want to follow the side seam down, stop at the rivet, and cut around making sure NOT to cut the front of the jean. Follow the pocket up, as illustrated.

Next you want to prepare the elastic by sewing strips together until it is big enough to fill your open pocket space. Some stores sell elastic that’s like 5-6 inches wide, but I didn’t have any on hand so this is what I did. Make sure to use a zig zag stitch so that your threads don’t break the first time you wear these!!!

Sew your elastic “patch” into the space where your pocket once was. I used red thread partly because I was being lazy (my sewing time is usually middle of the night when everyone is asleep and I clearly should be too), but in this case we will say it was for VISIBILITY in the tutorial. #DontJudge.

Once this is finished your jeans will look something like this from the inside.

Trim the excess elastic from the edges, and you are all finished!

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve worn these since I made them. I need like five more pair. Seriously.

And if you aren’t pregnant, one can never have too many pairs of stretchy pants! I don’t even have to unbutton these to get them off. BOOM.

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