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DIY Tie Front Top – M7381

Hey Everyone!

This WAS a dress when I first made it. Now it’s a top! As are most of my dresses. Luckily I’m embracing the dress as top, and it’s quickly becoming my new “Momiform”.

About 9 months ago I picked up this printed cotton shirting-like fabric from Joann’s. It was borderline ugly to me, but for some reason I went with it. Do you ever look at something and think it’s so ugly that it just might be cute? No? Oh, you’re weird because I do it all the time! hahahaha.

Anyway, I got this fabric along with this pattern when it was released. I wanted to make it so bad that I didn’t even consider fabric options when I cut out the pieces. Well let me be the first to say this pattern deserves a flowy rayon challis or a light weight drapey fabric. Stiff cotton is not this guy’s friend. The dress has pleating in the front, and when I tried it on the pleats stuck out. I looked pregnant from the side! I quietly cursed at the fact that I spent a couple hours on this and wanted nothing to do with it. Then I tossed it in the UFO pile.

Fast forward to now, and I actually AM pregnant so why not bust out ALL THE THINGS that made me look pregnant before? No one will know that I considered wearing this pre-pregnancy, they’ll think it was made for maternity! WINNING. Big time. Shhh, don’t tell my secrets.

Since I made it so long ago, there isn’t much I remember about the construction process other than I love the tie front detail, and not remembering is a good sign that nothing was too difficult or finicky with the instructions.

And now on to the belly!

I am 29 weeks now, and really feeling the third trimester exhaustion. Although , exhausted has been my middle name this whole pregnancy. It’s really a way of life now. I am looking forward to the day when I can drink coffee freely. It’s gotten to the point where I ration out my caffeine intake so that I can make it through the day without heading to the nap room at work (yes, we have one of those). I seriously drink half a cup in the mornings, and half a cup around dinner time to make it through that second shift known as “Mom, mom… MOM. momomom”

I have started planning my nursing wardrobe, and I’m really looking forward to what that will consist of!

Also, thank you all for being so patient with the new patterns! They are still being finalized, but you know… Exhaustion.

Enjoy the pic of my little man, and I’m going to try and sleep. Sitting up. On 4 pillows. Thirsty as heck because I want to sleep for longer than an hour without getting up to pee. Excuse the rant. My lungs decided they didn’t want me to breathe tonight so I had to use my inhaler which makes me feel like I’ve had 8 Red Bulls. Yep, the miracle of life is PEACHY.

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