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DIY Swing Dress Simplicity 8383

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a while! And it might be another while before I post again. I’m getting down to the nitty gritty, and racing against the baby clock now!

So this dress has quite the backstory.

First of all, I LOVE this pattern. Originally I wanted to make one in every view, but when I realized it wouldn’t be baby-feeding friendly I decided against it. So I made this dress a couple months ago, put it on, and took it off immediately. I looked like a whale, felt even bigger, and it was just NOT CUTE. Fast forward to the other day, and I had NOTHING to wear. Like, none of my clothes fit.

For some reason I thought, let me try this dress again. Only this time, I went with my go-to styling for this pregnancy: I added jeans, and tied the dress under my belly. Idk why this works for me, but it’s been the cutest I can get my outfits to look throughout this whole nine months.

I thought it was SO cute, I asked hubby to get the Canon and shoot some photos before I went to work. I’ve been feeling so “ugh” this time around that I couldn’t afford to waste this photo opp. Plus, my highlight was poppin’. LOL!!!

Anyway, the dress is from Simplicity 8383 View D. It is only a few pieces so it came together quick. I didn’t have any problems with the self bias binding on he sleeves, and the collar was a breeze to set in. I would definitely re-make this when it fits in my wardrobe again.

The fabric is amazing. It was a really good find from The Loft in LA, and I snagged all that I saw. It’s a scuba knit, but the “new age” scuba that is thin and drapey, not stiff like true neoprene fabrics.

I think this is my last HOORAH for maternity sewing. I am so big now I don’t even want to try and dress my bump lol. I’ve been working on a wearable “baby-feeding” wardrobe, and I am sooooo looking forward to sharing it with all of you! It makes me so happy every time I complete something that I know will get lots of wear especially in the next year or so. So stay tuned for that!

Talk soon!

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