My Very Own Valentino Bambolina

“I don’t design clothes. I design dreams.” – Valentino Garavani
IMG_5612.JPGIn November, JLo stepped out in this amazing black Valentino Bambolina dress with an attached red leather collar. The Bambolina dress is one of the classic silhouettes of Valentino, and comes in a variety of materials and colors. This particular one caught my eye because it is simple, yet edgy, feminine, and flattering. IMG_6149.JPGI knew I had to have my own, but paying $4390 for a dress is more than out of the question. Looking at the lines I could tell that I would be able to create my own version fairly quickly, so I immediately went to work. I used a black ponte roma knit for the dress, and a dark red bottom weight for the collar.

IMG_6151.JPGIn total I spent about $25 to create these looks, and the dress was an easy sew totaling about 4 hours. I just created a long sleeve crop top for the bodice, and joined it to a gathered skirt. I left the back seams for last so I could insert a 22in invisible zipper.

IMG_6150.JPGNow let’s talk about this collar! I never understood the collar trend, but when I saw this dress that is the detail that caught my eye. In the Valentino version, the collar is attached and features leather rosette-like detail. I didn’t have leather on hand, nor did I want this to be a dress that ALWAYS required a collar, so I opted for a collar “necklace” and a pearl button to add detail.

Mr. Garavani, you have done it again. You have managed to sell me a dream that my money [wont] buy.

Dress & Collar: DIY
Shoes: Steve Madden (both options)
Lips: MAC Rihanna Heaux

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