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DIY Two Piece Set

Well hello there!
Have you ever been so exhausted you wanted to cry? It’s just me? Ok well, I’ll get my emotions in check. I am working on a big project right now, and it is very early stages so it is pure exhaustion. Im positive it will be worth all of the headaches, but I need my beauty rest! Which, by the way, hasn’t been longer than a four hour stretch for about 8 months. Need I remind you that little one is only 6 months old? Yeah. Try breathing with an 8 pound baby in the womb. No sleep. Enough of that crappy memory…

Today I have a project that came from my need to get rid of everything I wore while pregnant. Yes, pregnancy is an amazing thing. Yes, the love I have for my son is more than I could ever imagined. BUT! I am so glad im not pregnant anymore. It was the LOOOONGEST ten months (not sure why they say 9 if 40 weeks is roughly 10 months) of my entire life and I don’t really miss it. Ever.
Instead of throwing away all of my maxi dresses or having my own personal bonfire where all the maternity clothes go to die (don’t judge me for seriously considering this option), I decided to “up cycle” a few pieces. I didn’t think I was going to want to “burn all the things!!” Because going into it i pledged to NOT buy actual maternity clothes and just size up so that I could wear all of this stuff after pregnancy. Yeah right, I’m so tired of looking at this stuff, being confined to things that make you look LESS like a blob is annoying and no one has time to be reminded every time they go to their closet. Ha!

This one is a MeMade, it’s just a gathered maxi skirt. It was so easy to make, and since it has an elastic waistband, and the material is gathered onto the elastic, the skirt kind of grew with my belly.

I simply cut off the bottom of the skirt to a midi length and hemmed the new end of the skirt.
The excess material was barely enough for a crop top. I should have worked a little more on the measurements for the top though, because it’s a bit tight for my taste.

For my mommies: have you done anything interesting with your maternity clothes?

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  1. The most interesting thing I ever did with my old maternity clothes was to give them away, lol! The fabric is amazing though, I love how you repurposed the skirt, Looks way better now!

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