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DIY Black Midi Skirt

Hello There Dolls, and Happy Monday!

Whirlwind of a week already over in these parts, but  am super excited because I won a giveaway from MimiGStyle’s blog! Four sewing magazines for me! You can check out the blog post here, and see my awesome little face on her blog, EEK!

IMG_0498This outfit is kind of an inside joke within my company. Once a quarter we have a merchandising recognition meeting, complete with skits, lots of alcohol, and promotions. It wouldn’t be true Zappos style it if didn’t include a theme (Hunting/Camo this go ’round) and some funnies. My outfit is all made by me, you would expect nothing less right?!

IMG_0497Back story to the shirt. Yes, it says “Process Timeout”. We are practicing Holacracy. It replaces traditional structural hierarchy, but i will spare you the details. In our Holacracy meetings there is a very strict agenda and format. The only way to break away from this is to call a “Process Timeout”. My circle is quite the lively bunch, so this happens OFTEN in our meetings. It’s hilarious. I find myself saying it outside of work and people are just like “this chick has to be cray.” Anyway, I’m sure it’s going to start a few conversations!

IMG_0496The skirt was something I Pinned a little bit ago. But it would be unfair to say I didn’t cut corners here. I only had about 2 hours to get this together, and after sewing the mesh, making sure not to iron the mesh, etc.. I just did not have the patience to put together more of this for the back half. So, I pleated the front, and kind of left the back a bit A-Line.. It works! LOL!

I’m loving this look, I can’t get enough of my midi skirts.. We’ll see just how much Midi is incorporated into my Me Made wardrobe starting next month!IMG_0420

Look at that invisible zipper… Good Stuff right?!

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  1. Great job on the skirt! I’d have thought your “shortcuts” were intentional! That’s the beauty of creating your own stuff and congrats on winning the giveaway! Are you going to the conference this year?

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