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DIY Striped Pleated Mini Skirt

Hi dolls! Im a fan of boxing by force. Not MMA, not fancy fight till the death. Boxing. The art. People are upset because they paid $100 to see a fight and they wanted to see a knockout. If you know anything about the two fighters, you’ll know that Mayweather wins fights by making his opponent look like an amateur. He will go 12 rounds and then hit the club that same night. Pacquiao landed 19% of his shots. That’s LESS than Mayweathers average opponent.  I’ll stop there because at the end of the day whether you’re upset that he didn’t take a punch to keep you entertained, he’s still walking away with over $150 million dollars. *insert Kanye shrug* 

I could go on and on, but you came here for sewing right?! Today I have yet another rendition of a pleated skirt. I think you get the point that I love the silhouette so I won’t need to remind you (they look great on any body shape if worn right).  
This one is a mini length, and I’ll admit I thought I wouldn’t be comfortable with the length. Before I was a mom it was mini dresses & short shorts all day. But now? Now I’ll be lucky if I have time to ditch the jeans and brush my hair. Im telling you it’s a rare occurrence to see me with hair combed, teeth brushed, and deodorant on. When I remember all three it’s a glorious day. Simple things people! And to think, 3 years ago.. “goals: make it to the club 3 nights in a row!” Ha! Retired party girl. Let’s not dig up those bones. 
Anyway, I made this shirt with some iron on letters. Couldn’t think of anything cool to say, so this is the result. Pretty irritating trying to get those things in the right place and whatnot. Only screwed up one letter, but from a distance you can’t tell. Haha.   


Have a good week dolls, baby is starting to sleep a little better (with the exception of last night when he woke up at 11pm sand wanted to try and clap LOL too dang cute) so I plan on catching up on 7 months of sleep in the next year or so. LOL, I wish. 

13 thoughts on “DIY Striped Pleated Mini Skirt”

  1. Thank you! I fell the same way about the fight. Right siren to the Kanye shrug.
    Anyway you look gorgeous! Love that you went casual on top. It totally brought the look together and made it a girls girl outfit 😊😊

    I know you’re a mom and all but you’re doing the damn thang girl.
    Killing em softly 👍👍

  2. i am looking to make a navy and white striped skirt for a nautical bridal shower. what tutorial/pattern did you use?

    1. Hi there! I actually didn’t use a pattern or tutorial for this, I just pleated the fabric and cut 3 panels to my measurements. I know there are a few tutorials out there (I think Merricks Art has one but the instructions aren’t very easy to follow if you’re not used to sewing), and I believe McCalls has a pattern. Sorry im not much help, lol

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