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DIY Mimi G Baddie Skirt and Simplicity 1283

Well hello there Dolls!! Before I jump right in, let me just say I had a weekend for the books and I will do a separate blog post on the conference. It was amazing, inspiring, and I am still on giddy-mode. 

One outfit I have been anxiously waiting to share is my outfit for the Fashion Show that MimiG held at the conference this year. 

The requirements were to use any combination of her tutorials and/or patterns, and strut your stuff down a runway in front of the most positive group of women I have ever seen. Again. Epic. 

I decided to do a super fierce faux leather and bordeaux look. I was channeling my inner diva, and let me just say I worked that runway you guys! I was nervous as I don’t know what, but everyone was cheering me on, and I had not a care in the world. 


 The women I met this weekend were beyond inspiring, and so positive. That’s all I will say until my post on the conference, so be sure to subscribe to the blog so you can be updated when I post! (And tell your friends dolls, SewSinCity is a movement just wait on it!) 

18 thoughts on “DIY Mimi G Baddie Skirt and Simplicity 1283”

  1. So happy I had the opportunity to meet you! I loved your look and your photos are amazing. I might actually try the crop top. Can’t wait to read your post about the conference. It was such as amazing weekend.

    1. Likewise! I met so many amazing people, you have all inspired me to kick my butt in high gear, and make my dreams come true!

      Try the crop top, I would lengthen it a little my next go ’round.

    1. Thank you Eryn! “Sew” glad I met you as well! I think the relationships were the highlight of my trip, I have never been in a room with that much positivity before..

      YASSS, do the faux leather. It adds a little fierce-ness every time I add a panel or little detail.

  2. Beautiful pics! So glad to meet you. Can’t wait to get together and master some jackets, lol. The conference was a blast!

    1. Yes! I am so excited you have no idea. Lol, we will get together soon & get something going!! You inspired me to get fully on board with this blogging thing. I had no idea people (other than my wonderful grandmother) read my blog!! have a great day!

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