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DIY Fabric Swatch Book

Hey Dolls!

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This weekend I wanted to leave you with a quick project I did to organize my fabric stash. After the conference my stash got out of control, and I decided to start storing my fabric in bins. In order to get some organization I created a quick swatch book. 

  I used a heavy duty D-ring binder, some index cards, and photo album refill sheets. It was really quite simple, but I found something out about myself while doing this. I. AM. SELFISH. (we already knew that) but man, the struggle to cut into some of my fabrics was REAL. im going to be honest. Half of my fabric did not make it into this book. Why? Because I figured it was too pretty to cut into. What if I need that full two yards for a project?! On fabrics that I have multiple color ways, I simply wrote that on the card “lots of colors in this fabric” LOL! 

How do you store your fabric?

7 thoughts on “DIY Fabric Swatch Book”

  1. Omg! This is so funny. I feel the same way about cutting swatches from my nice fabric. I cut a little piece of fabric that I picked up in LA to do some color matching and I had serious anxiety about it (still do). I wish I had just taken all 4 yards with me instead, lol. Love your idea.

  2. I know this is late, but I just found your blog. I actually store mine just like they do in most fabric stores…on the bolts. My local fabrics stores throw the empty bolts out at closing time, so I ask for them. They’re neat and I can actually see what I have. Luv your site by the way!!

    1. Thank you! Trust me if I had space in my sewing room for all of those bolts of fabric that would be a great way to see what is in the stash! Thank you for stopping by, that is a great idea.

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