Sewing Conference Recap

Hey Dolls! 

I’m going to keep the recap kind of short. The conference was quite the experience. Im sure everyone’s takeaways were different, and my biggest takeaway was the people that I met. 

 It was a fun filled three days, and it began with a fashion show Friday night. The outfits were all beautiful, and it was great to see everyone’s interpretation and manipulation of the patterns we had to choose from. The winner took home $500 cash, but she went crazy on shopping day so I know it was put to good use. LOL! 


This is the fashion show winner, and my new friend Terelia! Isn’t she a doll?! LOVE that fabric, which was passed down from her Grandmother. That makes me so happy! She also lives in Las Vegas so watch out!! We have already set ground rules to this friendship and it has strict limitations on shopping hahahaha. 

Saturday was class day, and I really enjoyed the Gentleman Jim class on tailoring. He is awesome, and I have high hopes for my blazer/ suit coat making skills. Give me some time and I know I will have it! He is a true artist. Like dang. #Goals. 

 And finally Sunday was fabric shopping day!! Now I go to Los Angeles every few months to shop for fabric already, but boy was I in for a treat! Not only did I learn how to negotiate prices (shoutout Terelia!), but I had to LITERALLY force myself (and Ms.Terelia, hence our no shopping together rule) out of The Loft, which is a fabric store that charges BY THE POUND. It was heaven, and I can’t believe I didn’t know about it before! I picked up everything. You know when prices are so good you start justifying things? “Oh I would probably make something with this, hey girl this is cute right?!” There was way too much of that going on. I was like an extreme couponer on Ad day. LOL 

   Switching gears a bit, I found my sequin fabric for my reception dress or maybe my bachelorette party dress.. Haven’t worked those deets out yet but this fabric is GORGEOUS. it’s the perfect rose gold color, and I already know what pattern im using. Beyonce better watch out cuz I am coming for her when I step out in this. (In my mind it’s already made LOL I keep forgetting I gotta get through that part before I talk crap hahaha)

Alright dolls, enjoy your weekend. I tried to get up super early this morning and get some selfish sewing done but I just was NOT feeling it! I am suuuuper busy working on some very exciting things, and not to mention my 9-5 is getting more and more demanding..

What do you do to get out of your sewing “rut”? Usually I just do some mindless sewing but today I couldn’t even bring myself to do that! 

12 thoughts on “Sewing Conference Recap”

    1. Hi! I don’t think they do. They are owned by Michael Levine at lowpricefabrics.com and it’s basically a discount store across the street. I wish they had more locations so I didn’t have to drive so far to get there every time! Lol thanks for stopping by!

  1. OMG! That black/white fabric was beautiful. Can’t wait to see what you do with the sequined fab. Good thing that store is not anywhere near me. 🙂 Glad you had a good time.

  2. The Loft is the most amazing chaos of fabric at a great price! I know it’s breaking the rules, but…when are we going back? Lol. Next time I will bring a bigger suitcase to haul our fabric in, snacks, water, and scissors! Great recap. I had the best time. Grateful for my new friend AND she lives in Las Vegas AND loves to sew AND she is awesome (score)!

  3. I wanna see your reception dress! I’ve been in a sewing rut for the past YEAR! I haven’t had any luck with my fabric lately. Can u recommend a good site online? I live in Spain and am having a hard time finding fabric that isn’t used for tablecloths or a Flamenco 👗 lol!

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