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DIY Cobalt Dress V9075

Hello Gorgeous!  

I am “sew” excited to share this dress with you because it was truly a labor of love. There were a lot of firsts while making this dress. I have never lined a garment. *gasp* I always tell myself that I can skip the lining because it’s hot in vegas and I don’t need the extra fabric, but let’s be real here.. It scared me! I realized that I would have to face my fear one way or another if I wanted to step my game up so I went for it. 

I hate the lining fabric they sell in stores labeled “lining”. So, I did some research about lining garments and found this article. It opened me up to a whole new world, and proved that I already had some lining in my stash! *winning

  This dress is lined with a silk print from Mood. I tried to find it online but couldn’t, sorry! This dress is so soft on the inside, my guts are all finished and pretty, and I am on cloud 9. I think it’s my favorite piece of clothing yet! 

The pattern is Vogue 9075 view A. I have heard a few negative things about this bodice, and I think it’s better suited for smaller busts. I adore the fit, the princess seams, everything. I also made it in the jumpsuit version and it is super cute. Makes me feel like a ten year old every time I have to go to the restroom, but that’s another post lol. 

 Back to this beauty! I made a few technical changes to the construction of the dress. I topstitched the lining to the bodice because I wanted to secure the pink lining to the inside. I also “stitched in the ditch” where the bodice meets the skirt because ain’t nobody got time for slipstitching by hand.

 I whipped this bad boy up in a day, off and on while on mom duty. It took me about 5 or 6 hours total. I was going to just do the bodice but nope! I kept going back for more. Couldn’t get this one out of my head it needed to be complete! I love the color. The blue is so vibrant. I’ve been seeing a lot of cobalt as an accent color so I thought I should go big and had the perfect pique in my stash for the job. 

I kept the styling to a minimum, neutral shoes and a thin belt go well with the vibrant dress. 

 Sew Fancy indeed. Someone told me it’s a “First Lady” dress. Yassss! 

Don’t forget to share the blog dolls! Have an amazing day. 

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