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DIY Jumpsuit V9075

Hi Dolls!

This jumpsuit is another version of v9075, and I’m already working on my third. Where do I begin? The fabric choice. I had this linen/rayon blend that I didn’t know what to do with, but then I saw these jumpsuits popping up and knew I could make one with my own spin on it. To break up the pattern a little I added faux leather to the center of the bodice. On this version I didn’t line it, but I created front and back facings so I could topstitch the faux leather which made it easier to create the hem. I wish I would have lined it though, I get sweaty where the leather is and the rest breathes easy LOL! 

Here is a picture of the facings. They are really simple to make, I basically cut another piece from the bodice pattern and made it about 3 inches in length (versus cutting the entire thing again).   

The only drawback is the fact that it is a pain to go to the bathroom. I have to ask someone to unzip me, like a dang 8 year old kid! So annoying when I’m trying to stay hydrated and have to pee every ten minutes. (Yes, I have one of THOSE bladders.. haha) Oh! And pockets! I NEVER put anything in my pockets, so I skipped them on this go ’round. Of course the first time I wore it I needed a pocket for everything, and cursed at myself for skipping that step. That’s how it always works lol. 

 Anyway, I love the shots we got for this. I kept the styling minimal as I always do. Something about making my own clothes, I don’t want to take away from my garments I feel like they can hold their own. I wore this to the sewing conference, and got so many compliments! A lot of us joked that the conference was the only place where it was okay to walk up and touch people’s clothing and/or name their fabric and pattern choices. 

Let me just tell you how right that is from experience! I saw a girl with a beautiful top on at work one day and without even thinking how creepy I sounded, I blurted, “Hey! Can I touch your shirt?” I work at a pretty weird place anyway so she let me, but that probably wouldn’t fly in the normal world. 

  I had lunch with my Sew Sista Terelia yesterday and it was a good time. We laughed and chatted about things that only sew it’s can bond over (needles popping out of the machine, confessions of a fabric whore, favorite sewing blogger makes, etc.) I really enjoyed myself. Have a great day dolls, I’m off to get some work done. 

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  1. I am having a solo late lunch/early dinner today, catching up on my blog reading and I laughed out so loudly at this post. I love that jumpsuit. I am working on a project with faux leather and considered not lining it, but will definitely line it after reading this post.

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