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Hi Dolls!

Today I wanted to answer a question that I get often, and clear up any assumptions people make about sewing for yourself. 

A lot of people assume that if you know how to sew, and make your own clothes you can save a ton of money. I find that to be the opposite. Here’s why..

When I am spending time on a garment for myself I want it to be something that I can keep for a long time. 4-5 hours per garment is no joke especially since we all have other crap we could be doing with that time. I am not making things for the hell of it, I do it because that Valentino dress is $4000 that I don’t have to spend on a dress so $100 for fabric is justifiable. Now don’t get me wrong, there are people that search high and low for really cheap fabric, and boast about how it only cost $3 for a fully lined dress, and I hear them.. I just feel that if I want a $15 dress I can go to F21 or H&M and save myself the time (and the headache).

 Handmade items are a reflection of your craft. So no, I do not skimp when it comes to fabric choice, and yes I might pay just as much for my fabric as some people would pay for RTW clothing. But I can guarantee everything I make is invaluable because it is one of a kind. 

A little tooting of my horns, but it is true for all of us home sewers! I have to invest in myself the same way (more actually!) the company I work for invests in me. And you should too doll! 


10 thoughts on “My Sewing Philosophy”

  1. Very well said. The same goes for quilting. People choke when I tell them how much it will cost to make a T-Shirt quilt. WHAT?? All you have to do is sew some T-Shirts together. They don’t have a clue.

  2. I say this all the time to family and friends I’m not making my own clothes to be cheap. But rather to have a well made well fitted one of a kind garment.

  3. Be conscious of ‘throwaway fashion’ cuz people’z be dyin’ in factories to make that stuff. Made in the USA is the way to go if you can find anything! Just sayin.

  4. I feel you, when people ask me to make them something and I explain how much it would cost the first thing they say is ” I could go to ‘such and such’ and only spend $15″. Then I say that’s true, but remember $15 is the price you pay for child labor. Sewing for me is all about the fit, the options it gives me, and most important the knowledge that I made it.

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