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Yet Another Vogue 9075

Hello Doll Faces!! 

Well they say good things come in threes, and who am I to break that trend? Today I have yet another version of Vogue 9075. What can I say other than I think this pattern was made for me! I love that I don’t have to make any adjustments, except for in my jumpsuit version here

 Since it is apparent that I’m swooning over this pattern still, I’ll just get into details of how this beauty came to be. I saw a dress on Pinterest a while ago, and I knew I had to have it.  

 The pattern on the fabric is to die for, and I knew it would be tough trying to recreate it. Low and behold, while fabric shopping at The Loft in June I spotted this printed sateen fabric and bought what I could. I was able to cut this dress from one piece, and I still have enough left over for at least a pair of pants or something. It is lined with an Electric Fuschia stretch silk charmeuse from Mood (unavailable but they have A TON of color options here). This stuff has been my go to lining. It is so soft and worth every dime! A lot of dimes if I might add lol.  

In total, I probably paid about $30 for fabric for this dress and it took me around 4 hours total. If I was paying myself for time I would say it cost a million bucks! Haha! 

 I love the way the dress steals the spotlight, and the nude shoes add to the modern sexy feel. My version of modest, and far from frumpy. I didn’t really have to style it with a lot of accessories, a good statement necklace added to the bold pattern of the fabric. I also blend in with the scenery. Totally planned. Not! 

 I do have a tip for you today! I heard this from the Gentleman Jim himself, and put it to good use. I line up as many pieces as I can see in one fail swoop, and repeat until I need to press. This cuts time spent going back and forth between your table, ironing board, and machine. It seems like a simple efficiency fix and believe me IT IS. Definitely an AHA moment!

 Alright gorgeous, I’m getting ready for MAGIC, which is a tradeshow here in Vegas. Trying to finish up some outfits and this is one of them! Some of you may not know that my 9-5 consists of buying shoes. A lot of people who like fashion think that a buying job is the most coveted and glamorous job one can have. I will do a recap of my MAGIC show (lol!) so that you guys can see how much work it actually is. Hint** If you’re not a numbers person, buying probably isn’t your gig. 

Talk to you soon! 

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  1. Gorgeous dress! I love silk charmeuse and it’s seems my daughter’s do as well. Whenever they pick a lining….it’s always silk charmeuse. All they know is they love how it feels against their skin. Thank you for the helpful tips. I have to ask how may year’s of sewing do you have under your belt…..because your construction is impeccable.

    1. Thank you so much! I agree with your daughters, silk charmeuse feels great on the skin!! They have good taste haha.. I’ve been sewing for about 15 years. I started out quilting with my grandma, and then I think around high school she started teaching me how to read and use commercial patterns for clothes.

      1. Ok…..that further inspires me. That my construction will get better as I keep at it. I’ve been sewing for almost 5 year’s…..took a few classes, read a ton and watch a lot of video’s. Your work is very inspiring, thank you for taking the time to share it!!

  2. Wow! Love this dress! Make me one please, lol. I remember getting a couple pieces of that fabric after you spotted it. You’re inspiring me to buy silk for lining. You rocked this look 🙂

    1. Thank you!! I really appreciate your kindness, and yes POP colors! Gotta keep it interesting lol! And yay magic! We might walk the show after our last appointment on Wednesday so we may be able to link up!!

    1. Thank you! Im not sure who I had that convo with at the conference lol but yes I buy shoes at zappos ( to be exact)! I wouldn’t say I drool over them since I buy comfort footwear, but i love my “old lady brands”!!!

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