Life of a Shoe Buyer

Hello Gorgeous!

It’s been a while! I have had a busy busy last couple weeks, and last week I was out of the office attending a trade show held here in Vegas. I promised I would recap the show, since a lot of people think that they want a job in the fashion industry. Now let me say this, if you want that coveted buying job you better do your homework. While there are some people who are privileged enough to own boutiques curated to their own tastes, or Instagram stores that can go in an alley and pick out whatever they like, buying jobs are NOT that easy. It is hard work.


I have a relatively small portfolio, does about 6 million a year. I buy casual footwear. Old Lady shoes. 

And they kick ass! I have to rely on a ton of metrics in order to know what to buy, because obviously I’m not my customer. I can’t tell you why a clog with red patent leather snake skin will sell like hot cakes, but that shxt is on fire. lol. I honestly prefer being a buyer and going strictly from metrics like margin, turn, etc. If I bought fashion footwear I wouldn’t be able to just say “I took everything they offered because… Idk it was pretty?!” 

 Over three days of the show I met with around 15 brands. This was a slower show for me.  


Usually I don’t even get a break for lunch, but this show I even had time to walk around some of the other shows and see my favorite “fashion” brands! 

Of course all of my outfits were Me Made. One is new, and hasn’t been blogged yet but it’s coming soon!  

 Are there any specific questions that you have about my job that I can answer? 

Have an amazing week dolls!

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