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Vogue 8808

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Let’s get right into this beauty. This MINI dress is Vogue 8808. Isn’t she just fab?! A little too short for my taste but hey.. Perfect example of what happens when you try to hem with pants on. LOL! Learn something new every day.

I posted this a while back, but have since updated the pics so here’s a thanks to… Sunlight! It was a whopping 105 degrees this day so forgive me for the awkward squinting. The sun wasn’t allowing my photogenics to arise fully haha.

So this pattern is pretty drab on the envelope. If there is one thing I can tell you about commercial patterns it is this: the styling team needs to get with the ages. We aren’t your grandma’s sewists. We need some inspiration on the envelope!! Let me stop and suggest this.. When you look at a pattern you may be turned off by the ugly choice of fabric on the picture and that’s fine. Don’t stop there! I always START by looking at the line drawing (usually on the back, just illustration). This shows seam lines and gives a gauge on how a garment will fit or be fitted to your body. I liked the lines of construction for this dress although you can’t see the princess seam lines here because of the printed fabric.

Which brings me to this fabric! It’s similar to a scuba knit, and I got it from Joann a while back. Surprisingly it’s still online and can be found here. It cut and sews so easily. It feels great on my skin, and doesn’t fray so I chose not to line this dress. I also opted to leave the mock neck and zipper off of this version since it has so much stretch.

I would make it again, longer of course but im thinking some tights and a blazer will get this baby up to par for fall for me!

Are you doing any fall sewing yet? If so, what are you working on? Honestly, I haven’t even thought about a fall wardrobe. It stays above 85 here until about November December so you won’t see too many coats out of me LOL. Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I have so many scuba knit fabrics that I got on March/ April fabric binge, and I still haven’t gotten to them. And it’ll be fall! Lol. So this would be good for me to try! I’m going super simple this fall, with culottes/ wide legs, 2 peplums, 2 jumpsuits, 2 dresses and a Coat/ coatigan. So that’s 8 pieces. I read the Collette blog and their Wardrobe Architect series and got sooo inspired for fall sewing.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Hannah! I haven’t planned a wardrobe, but got so inspired by the Resort 2016 collections on the runways! Scuba is here to stay, so don’t fret and use it in your spring wardrobe!! I actually have another scuba project on the cutting table!

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