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True Bias Hudson Pants

Hello Gorgeous!

Funny story: I wore these into the office on a Friday, and a guy asked “are those pants or pajamas?”

Me: “umm, pants”

Him: “oh, they look like they came straight from the 80’s! So cool!”

Me: “thank you? I made them myself”

Him: “no way! They look like they came from a store!”

You guys. I had to laugh. Are handmade clothes supposed to look any different? Legitimate question.. Do you get a sense of satisfaction when people Ooh and Ahhh at your Me Made’s?

Anyway, I’m coming to you with a lounge pant today. They are effing amazing. I call them my “road trip pants”. Seriously, the last three or four vacations we’ve been on I’m always rocking these babies. They add a little unique touch to an otherwise “basic” throw on and go outfit.

¬†They were a little intimidating, because of the PDF pattern. Once I taped that sucker up, though, it was game time. These came together so quick, and they are the most comfy pants I own. There weren’t any super technical details to this pattern, and the fit is however you would like them to be depending on the fabric you choose. I sized up for this pair because my fabric had no stretch in it, but I’ve seen great tight-fitting versions as well.

For this pair I picked a linen from I loved the print, and knew I had to make something as funky as the fabric! The waistband and ankle bands are a cotton ribbed knit also from

Since I wear these when I want to dress down, I decided to style them in pics the same way. No sense in dressing these up if they read “loungewear” through and through.

Have a great week, see you next week!

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