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Sari Blouse For A Bridesmaid 

Hey Dolls!

I wanted to share a special post with you today. I had the privilege of making a traditional Indian Saree (or Sari) blouse for my coworker. She was a bridesmaid in a wedding, and the bride gave all of the bridesmaids creative control over their blouses! She provided the fabric, and each bridesmaid had a custom Saree blouse made to their liking.

I was so excited that my coworker asked me to make hers. I had never made one of these before, and it had to be perfect. This isn’t just any coworker you guys. This woman is phenomenal. She is (believe it or not) high maintenance AND humble. An unusual combo for sure, and being that she has a tailor in India (I know right!) that usually hand makes all of her traditional clothing I had to meet her standards!

I used the “rub-off” method to draft a pattern from a Saree she already owned. 1 muslin, and 3 fit tests later she was on her way to a wedding with something that I MADE!

My coworker’s only request was that the closures be in the front so that it would be easy on and off since she just had a baby and is nursing. We also decided to finish the sleeves with the bodice fabric, and put the trim around the bottom of the bodice. Im glad we did because it looked like everyone else put the trim around the sleeves. Dare to be different LOL!

 It was an awesome opportunity, and I really enjoyed the experience. I wish I could have embellished it more, and now of course I want to make my own.

I didn’t get really good pictures, and of course wanted to keep her info private so here are a couple pics of her in the wedding.

Here you can see the back and sleeve detail. So pretty!
 Here she is on the right next to the bride and another bridesmaid. So pleased with how well it fit her. 

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