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DIY Strapless Jumpsuit S1115

Happy Friday!

It has been a long week here in Vegas, but next week will be even longer! We have our quarterly merchandising recognition meeting, and a charity golf event back to back. We’ll see how hurt I am by Friday morning LOL. I do have a quick shameless plug for my company. They just released a Fall Fashion Lookbook in collaboration with Refinery29, and I think it looks AMAZING. I’m drooling over everything they have in there. Go check it out (after you read about my awesome jumpsuit of course!).

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Now back to my regularly scheduled post!! I said don’t click on that link until AFTER you read about my jumpsuit. I promise not to share stories about how difficult it is to get in and out of them. I learned my lesson and only wear them on days when I can stand to drink ZERO water haha! Anyway, Jumpsuits have been a staple since way before my time. I honestly stayed away from jumpsuits and rompers until just recently. Ready to wear versions just don’t have the right proportions for me. They are always too big at the top, and too tight on the bottom. Here’s where being able to sew comes in handy! I can adapt a jumpsuit to my own measurements and achieve the fit I’m looking for. So I saw Beyonce (duh) in this beautiful fuchsia jumpsuit. Of course I wanted my own because the original was over $1000.


I wanted my version to be more fitted through the hip. Bey’s looks a little harem-esque, and I wanted to be able to wear mine by itself, but have the option to look polished under a blazer for work. I used Simplicity 1115, and omitted the sash. I used an amazing cotton sateen that has a good amount of stretch in it. I was forewarned that it may sag after a couple hours so I made sure to pay close attention to fit so I could compensate on the stress points, and hopefully avoid that mishap. There are step by step video tutorials for this line of patterns, and although I didn’t use them I think it would make any beginner feel like an expert to be able to put this together.

IMG_3796 IMG_3799

Here is a shot of the lining being attached to the bodice, and then (since I hate hand sewing) the “stitch in the ditch” that I did to get the lining attached on the inside. It’s dang near invisible!

As always, I like to let my clothing be the best accessory. I want you to notice my detail work, I’m not going to cover it up with bulky jewelry. It IS a sewing blog after all.. So, I kept it minimal, and paired with a nude and snake skin pump. I love the cut of this pump, and linked to two similar options down below. I also didn’t forget my Ready To Wear ladies! There are some options of jumpsuits below that would look great as well.

Before we get into the pics, if you’ve been following my blog for a while you know I learned to sew from my Grandmother who is probably my number one supporter on the blog. I just have to say, Grandma, it was over 100 degrees this day and NO I did not smile! Haha!!

IMG_4169 IMG_4173 IMG_4175 IMG_4182

KAMALIKULTURE by Norma Kamali – Strapless Jumpsuit
KAMALIKULTURE by Norma Kamali - Strapless Jumpsuit (Black) Women's Jumpsuit & Rompers One Piece
BB Dakota – Christa Jumpsuit
BB Dakota - Christa Jumpsuit (Coral) Women's Jumpsuit & Rompers One Piece

Chinese Laundry – Kristin Cavallari – Copertina
Chinese Laundry - Kristin Cavallari - Copertina (New Nude 1) High Heels

Steve Madden – Dipper
Steve Madden - Dipper (Blush) High Heels

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8 thoughts on “DIY Strapless Jumpsuit S1115”

  1. Beautiful color and nice details! For a second, when I looked at the picture of Bey, I thought it was you until I realized the difference in hair color, lol.

  2. Very nice and it feels good to know I am not the only one that dislikes hand sewing. I only do it if it’s absolutely necessary! Great job….I have to say I prefer your version over the on Beyonce’ wore. Your’s is very chic!

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