DIY Fringe Dress M6886

I have quite the story:

A couple months ago at work we decided to go out to the plaza to see what was going on that day. There’s ALWAYS something going on at work. Dog adoptions, bingo, trailer trash parties complete with RV conference rooms, you name it we’ve done it. Something else we’re big on is getting our brands together to give product knowledge to our customer service teams and of course raffle off prizes. Well, this particular day was fun, Fashion Footwear day. I buy comfort shoes, so this was a great excuse to get away from the desk lol. At the end of seeing the brands and what they’re offering for the upcoming season we were handed raffle tickets. I’m not new to these raffles, and I decided that I would complain for ten minutes on how I never win anything at these events before deciding eff this I’ll put ALL of my tickets in the Stuart Weitzman bucket. I thought, “for one, I never win, and two, if I did win there’s no way they’d let me get the shoe I choose.. It’s probably going to be some nude single sole, and I’d take those too but whatevs.” (First world problems I know) So, the next day the winners were announced. Before I could even read through the email I get another message that says “OMG Taylor!!!” I immediately knew that someone I didn’t care for had won because I was that much in denial about me winning these shoes!!

IMG_4847Case and point: these babies on my feet. I almost died. Not only had I won the Stuart Weitzman‘s, I got to pick from their open stock so I got to choose anything I wanted from their line! AMAZING!

If you don’t know about this brand, you have most likely seen this boot in every magazine or popular Instagram account. I chose the Highland boot in black suede because it’s timeless and these babies will last forever. I was eyeing the taupe something fierce though. If I ever come across an extra $800 I’ll be sure to get the taupe ha! The quality is outstanding. They are leather lined, the heel is just right so I can walk miles, and they sent suede buffers to keep my boots looking new.

Oh, this is a sewing blog? You wanna hear about my dress don’t you? Ok, enough with the boots let me wipe the drool and pick up my jaw. Shoes have a way with me. I kid you not when I say I’m in the right profession. Shoe hoarders buyers unite!

Tangent over. The dress. Fringe is in. 70’s are back in a major way, and like I’ve said before.. Blah. However, there are bits and pieces of trends that I can get with, and fringe is one of those things. The way I updated my look was to add the fringe to a simple scoop neck LBD. Y’all know I love my bodycon dresses, and the fringe on the sleeve was just the detail I needed. A lot of RTW fringe dresses have fringe around the bottom. I don’t like how awkward it makes you look while walking. It gets stuck in between your legs and I don’t have time for that lol.

I made the dress using a Lycra knit and McCalls 6886. I’ve beat this pattern to death (there may or may not be another hack coming your way with this pattern!) but it’s a great sloper for sooo many dress options. I love it. All I did was add a center back seam, and fringe trim in the seam of the arm pieces. The center back seam is something I do every time I use this pattern. I just like the way it looks versus cutting that piece on the fold. It creates a better shape in the back.


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  1. Quite entertaining with the boots, I love the dress, nice fringe detail, I too have overdone it with this pattern…really a keeper!

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