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Black Friday Haul!

Hi Dolls!

Thanksgiving was AH-mazing. I ate my weight in food, and had some bomb leftovers. I made a grilled cheese with leftover turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce… The boys were sleep, and the sandwich was long gone by the time they woke up. No regrets for not sharing LOL.

Ok so… I totally forgot to actually check the black Friday fabric deals before I set my alarm. Total dummy, I woke up at 430am, went to Starbucks, and was in the Joann parking lot by 5am. I waited. And waited. And at 6am a polite employee came outside and said, “Hunny don’t you know we open at 9 this morning?” I WAS PISSED! The only reaction I could come up with was, “oh, well apparently people don’t make as much apparel as they do blankets because 60% off sure deserves an early start!..” The store opened at 6am EVERY day this week! smh. Anyway I politely went home and slept for 2 hours, then went and got my butt in line. It was a mad house. Everyone was going for that dang fleece! Not this girl.. I bolted for the number, then went to get as much apparel fabric as my cart could hold. I came out with 30 yards total, and it only took me about 1.5 hours which was awesome!


Simplicity patterns were .99 cent, and this interfacing by the bolt was only 2.99!


I picked up this flannel for a holiday inspired blanket scarf, an amazing silky print for a flowy tunic, this plaid suiting, and a bordeaux faux leather knit.


I also grabbed this pretty medallion print, a herringbone knit that is so thick and gorgeous, a black suiting fabric, and a quilted knit.


Lastly, my beloved ponte roma knits. I love this fabric. It’s always good to have some on hand for when I need a quick sew. Pictured in the bottom is a purple crushed panne velvet.

I also picked up some spandex/nylon blends for a fun project that you all will be seeing soon. I am going to fill and refill my cart on a couple times before I place an order there as well LOL!

What good buys did you get this year?

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