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DIY Pleated Midi Skirt

The holidays are fast approaching, and I know everyone’s thinking about what to wear. Well, here in the desert I can get away with no jackets or snow boots (do you see these shades?! In December people!) so I’ll leave the UGGs to those in need haha.

I chose to go with a chic holiday look that I could throw on easy, look cute, but still be comfy enough to chase baby boy around. Since he’s running around (literally) these days, I need to be able to react quickly so my outfit choices must reflect that.

I love how full this skirt is. It will hide a full tummy for days so PIG out lol. It’s still super girly without being tutu feminine (pun intended!).

I self drafted this skirt. It really needs no explanation. I’ve seen so many tutorials floating around for skirts similar to this so be sure to whip one up for your next shindig!

I played around with proportion today. Normally I pair a full skirt like this with a fitted top, but I wanted something blousey for a holiday look. You’ll also notice I brought out my Burberry babes for the special occasion.

Side note: the first time I wore these out was to a vendor dinner for work at 8 months pregnant. Big Mistake. I got up to go to the restroom & BOTH calves cramped up LOL! I had to ask a question like I was so interested in the convo that I just couldn’t walk away hahahaha. Who did I think I was carrying all that extra weight and still trying to be fly?! Pshhh won’t make that mistake again! 

Anyway, I hope you all have happy holidays. Are there any exciting parties or trips you’re planning to attend this month?


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