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Wide Leg Trouser – M6515

Happy Friday!

My closet looks sad. I got rid of SO many clothes this new year. Like, a ton. It was hard to let go of some of my MeMades… But I did it! Ok, they are in a bag in the closet. Out of sight though! I will donate them when I can stomach the thought.

I realized I have a crap ton of dresses, and I’m more of a pant kind of girl hahaha. I took to my fave wide leg trouser pattern because I’m not too fancy to only make a pattern once. If it works, I will make it as many times as I need. Modifications or not, I’m down to have the same thing more than once. I do it with shoes too. But you already knew that..

I had this mauve-ish wool blend fabric from Michael Levine that wanted to be a blazer. She wanted so bad to be made into a cool sport coat, but after sitting there with the pattern pieces cut out I came to the “be real with yourself” turning point. I rarely wear blazers. I know, I know, I work in a corporate office. Don’t forget that I probably work in the most casual corporate environment that anyone has ever heard of. They write stories about this place! Our brands come to party with us! So yeah, sometimes I go in to work with leggings and a tee. Anyway, I decided that this fabric could be turned into something for work, but maybe modernized. You know, to face the reality of this situation.

The first time I made this pattern I used a lightweight rayon blend. It looks like a completely different pair of pants compared to this. I decided to weigh down the hems of this version since I wanted a runway flow to my look. I used 30 cents (that’s right, a quarter and nickel!) in each side seam. If I ever desperately need a double cheeseburger while wearing these pants… I’m just saying.

My absolute favorite part of this garment is the tag. I haven’t gotten around to ordering custom tags because I have too much other crap going on. I was making a special skirt for my sister in love, and decided to give it a little personal touch. I put “Virtuous Woman” in the waistband so every time she puts it on she is reminded of the strong woman that she is. *Lightbulb* Why didn’t I do this in my own clothing?! Y’all know at 7am I struggle getting my pants on right because I can’t remember which side seam I put the zipper in.. LOL! So….. In these pants I added this special touch. I love that it looks like I made it. Some people will scoff at the idea, or the quote, or whatever, but it makes it that much more special for me.



Is that a scorpion? It better stay over there.. I don’t play with bugs..





19 thoughts on “Wide Leg Trouser – M6515”

  1. Hilarious! I think the tag idea is super cute + adding the side zip! Very nice. This is one of my favorite pant patterns to make. The instructions are minimal and straight to the point, they come together so quickly. You can’t go wrong!
    Great choice on the fabric too 🙂


  2. Hahaha! I don’t play with bugs either, noooooo!
    Anyways, I love this look on you! Those pants are a dream! The perfect color, material, fit, length, everything!
    And yeah that tag is everything, lol

    1. Thank you boo! I mean, the tag may be more fitting for you.. I saw your gym post & was like damn! I want an ass like that while eating a burger like the post before it! Hahahaha

      1. Hahahaha!
        I can’t eat like that everyday but I can have bad day every once in a while, haha.
        We had a bad weekend actually, Keegan and I so this week is gonna be rough at the gym 🙁
        womp womp

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