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Black Midi Skirt

Well long time no see, ehh? Make sure you share this post via your social networks! I’d love to get more friendly faces to the blog!

I have been so busy with work and y’all know life just happens. I did manage to dig out some “lost files” because you don’t even wanna know the week I’ve had. Ummm, why didn’t anyone prepare me for motherhood? oh, that’s not something they teach you in school? I definitely think they should! I don’t need to know calculus, I can’t tell you one thing that I use in daily life from that level of math. You know one thing I do use? My home ec teacher’s homemade bisquick recipe. Yah, give the kids more of THE GOOD STUFF in high school. LOL!! Ok, back to earth Taylor stop with your rants.

Anyway, going to New York for work this week, and I am nervous as hell. This little Cali born, Vegas living TRUE west-coaster does not know how to dress for winter. Aside from the three full days we have working, I can freeze my buns off if it means a trip to Mood, right? Lol, don’t tell my buyer (It’s ok she knows she’s taking me)

You know how you desperately wanted to be a designer and be part of New York fashion week, or really wanted to be a buyer so that you could travel for work & see all the latest fashions? That’s my real life. No joke. It’s NOT how the movies (or the tv series FRIENDS) portray it. I have a meeting every hour on the hour plus scheduled dinners every night. Well, the dinners are free so I shouldn’t complain. Ok, forget I said anything, it’s a pretty damn cool job. Hahahahaha 

I did make a last minute decision to learn how to knit on the flight there and home! So, I’ll either be thanking all you guys’ recent sock posts that have made me way too eager to pick up some DPN’s and get to STS (I did my research!).. or I’ll be donating yarn and cursing you by next week. HA! In all seriousness, If you’ve gotten this far, leave me knitting resources and patterns for socks and hats or scarves in the comments!!!

As for this make, pretty straight forward. I decided where I wanted the mesh panels, and sewed a large portion of fabric with the panels before I pleated and made the skirt. Lots of great tutorials out there for pleated skirts. I have made quite a few so I just go by my own method. I will see y’all next week! hopefully with good news and not frostbite with one less thumb or something LOL.





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