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DIY Deep V Jumpsuit Simplicity 1325

I am so excited to get to this DIY! There are a lot of amazing elements that went into the creation of this jumpsuit.

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Alright, this is a pattern modification from the heavens. I can see myself using the bodice from Simplicity 1325 quite a few more times. It is awesome. So, I combined the bodice of the dress/tunic with the pants of view B. I didn’t make any design changes except for adding a 22in zip down the back, and leaving the waist stay off of the pants since it is now connected to the bodice. I love the way it fits although I may taper the legs a little more. I was worried about the fabric choice since it is 100% cotton from Africa.

*pause* Let’s talk about this fabric!!! I am in love. It has a slight stretch (not great recovery though because, well, it’s 100% cotton), and a prefect weight. This Ankara came straight over from the Motherland. None of that funny “printed in China but we won’t tell you that” business going on. My Sister-in-love has a lady from church that was there and snagged us some fabric. OMG OMG OMG. Thank you. Lol, I can’t contain my excitement. I want to “make all the things” in Ankara prints. LOL

Ok, I lined my jumpsuit with a chartreuse lining from Mood. I love the way it contrasts with the purple of the Ankara print. That may be my favorite design element. Ahhh, that’s tough. I also made a tag using the selvage edge of the fabric since it has some cool info on it. Close second haha!

Time to get ready for market this week. February is crazy. New York Market and then Vegas market MAGIC back to back. See you dolls next week!!


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  1. Gorgeous fabric and that pattern matching is amazing! Thank you for continuing to inspire me with your wonderful creations.

    Like you, I would love to sew Ankara everything….the beautiful colors and prints are just beautiful!

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