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DIY Plaid Sleeveless Blazer

Hi Dolls!

Just finishing up another market at my 9-5 and let’s just say I will have some amazing shoes to post this Spring/Summer. Keep in mind I buy less than desirable “old lady” shoes, but I promise you won’t be able to tell the difference when I rock those babies. 

This week I’m sharing an outfit that I think is the cutest for this spring. It is casual enough to wear out shopping or to lunch with friends, but dressy enough to wear to drinks or work (if your desk job allows.. Aka my job, aka no dress code lol).

I’m most proud of the fact that this was a questionable make from a lot of people’s initial reactions. My grandma was not a fan of how I had the plaids matched up on the diagonal (lol), and my sister-in-love just couldn’t quite grasp how I would *Tim Gunn voice* “make it work”. For the record, she LOVES how I pulled it together and styled the blazer. *takes bow* Sometimes you have to think beyond Pinterest, and Social Media. You have to trust your gut, and know that you can make something work for you whether it’s trendy, borderline unflattering, or whatever the case may be. Rock it with confidence, and style the heck out of it.

This is an OOP Vogue wardrobe pattern. I made the oversized blazer and left the sleeves off. I had a hell of a time matching the plaids, and finally said to hell with it and cut the back piece on the cross grain because diagonal plaid was just a pain to try and get right. It probably took me 3 days to cut this out because I kept saying forget it and walking away from it lol.

I was determined to finish, and after telling myself what a waste of fabric this was and how I should’ve just stick with a dress, I’m so glad I powered through and came out with this beaute. She really is a gem and I can’t wait to wear her out!

I styled it with my Schutz ghillie tied heels, and my Ginger jeans. I love the “boyfriend” look of the jeans & blazer and how the heels make the outfit so feminine. I kept my makeup minimal so you could see how I’d wear this to work. Very casual but so pretty. My uniform.

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