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DIY Tunic – Simplicity 1064

I had a great weekend. My company is trying to petition to get Feb. 29th to be a national holiday, so they started by giving us all the day off. Paid!! It was awesome.

I planned on taking a “bye” week from the blog, but this morning after getting dressed for work I realized my Outfit of The Day was too good to pass up.

I almost didn’t blog this make because I should have made this tunic a size bigger for a looser fit. After yelling at hubby to run outside and snap a few pics so I could see how I looked, I was sold. I will be making this tunic again. It’s the perfect casual top for work. With Blog5.JPGsome skinnies and flatforms, I had the perfect work fit.

I saw an asymmetric top by MGSM that had a cool 70’s vibe, and I could not pay for it. Over $500? No thanks. I wanted to make the look a little more feminine, so I went with a cute floral poly print that I got from Joann’s on Black Friday. It was a little slippery to  work with, but not awful.

I made a few modifications to the pattern. First, I don’t always like the way elasticized tops look at the waist. So I omitted that. I cut the sleeves a little belled at the bottom for a 70’s “flare”. (See what I did there?) Anyway, I also didn’t like that triangle butt thing going on in the pattern or the “inspo photo” so I used the back bottom view from C, and shortened the front bottom of view A to match up. I didn’t make any changes to the bodice.

Do you see this lipstick? It is my fave. We had a bumpy relationship. I searched high and low for this color, finally found it in New York last month, and then HATED her when I first tried her on. UGH! But, Hubby convinced me to keep it, and the second time I tried it on I was instantly in love. It is Stone by MAC, and I do not have an addiction to lipsticks. Like, at all. Which is a lie. I love them. I have too many. I can’t say no. Ok bye, I’m too ashamed. The shoe addiction is one thing, but lipsticks are easy to hide in my handbag and stow away before hubs finds out. HA!


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    1. Sister! Send me your email to sewsincity@gmail & i will send you a coupon & tell you where to get them!! I think I have them priced to SELL right now!! Lol!

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