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DIY Toiletry Cases

Hey Dolls!

This week I wanted to share how I store my cosmetics, and toiletries. I have been traveling a lot for work, and needed a couple bags to hold all of my make up and toiletries that I cant leave home without.

I have a large cosmetic bag that holds things like my Clarisonic (yes, I rip my face off every other day) toothbrush, soap, etc. I also have 2 cosmetic bags to hold all of my make up and lipsticks. I typically use a medium sized bag for make up when traveling because I don’t bring it all with me. Lastly, I made these cute little brush rolls to hold all of my brushes.

I use these bags all the time. I like playing with colors and prints in small ways, and these bags are so fun to do that with. They take about an hour from cut to finish, and are great gift ideas!!


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