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DIY Floral Dress / Simplicity 1651

Hey Dolls!

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for warm weather! It may seem like I’m crazy for saying that being I live in the desert, but it has been so up and down for us lately.. I am ready for it to be a constant 80+ degrees. I can’t decide what to wear in the morning when it’s still chilly and heats up by lunch time. My body gets confused! I’ll be in UGG boots and shorts with this kind of nonsense! (I’m kidding. If you ever see anyone over age 14 in UGGs and shorts, please run the other way. FAST!!)

What’s new? Are your spring sewing plans full steam ahead? Mine sure are.. I’m going to clean out my closets a good 2 or 3 more times to prepare for all this awesome stuff I’m planning on making.

Confession: I haven’t worn a swim suit since I was pregnant.. So maybe a good 2 years. This body wants some SUN! I just made a Ted Baker inspired swim top for a coworker, and it was so much fun! She opened a door I never thought I’d see! I want to make all the swimsuits now.. That being said, I’ve been working out HARD. Have you seen the new Vogue swim pattern? All Views Please!… I digress. Here are a couple shots of the awesome swim top. By the way, she asked for COBALT blue with a black zip. While at Mood in NY I spotted the dopest neoprene that SCREAMS Ted Baker. So, this is what she got! Muhahaha (evil laugh..) I basically was like, “Oh, I don’t care what you want, this is what I’m giving you!!!” Thank God she trusted me because it is FAB on her!

Now on to my make.. It is a simple dress made with a neoprene knit from Joanns. The pattern is OOP Simplicity 1651, but you may be ableimg_7238 to still find it in your local Big Box craft store. I’m not sure I care for this fabric with this pattern. I wanted to do something more than a pencil skirt with this fabric so I chose a dress with a little detail.. Should have stuck to my first mind because I see so many more options with a floral pencil skirt! Anyway, I added pockets to the dress, and made no design changes so it’s pretty #basic.

I am loving the backdrop for these photos though! We drove up to Red Rock Canyon, and took these pictures. We ooh’d and ahh’d at the huge houses tucked in the hills, and then we headed home. Baby was not feeling nature. LOL!

Alright, if you’ve made it this far.. Be sure to click those share buttons, and don’t be shy, drop me a comment! I love hearing from y’all!




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    1. That’s the beauty of working in the fashion industry. We are always a season ahead!! For example, at market in Feb we were viewing Fall 16 trends and product so I will always know what’s new and next!!

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