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DIY Alexander McQueen Pants

Hi Dolls! Happy Monday!

I am feeling extra zippy this morning, maybe because of the triple shot of espresso I just had? Or not! Anyway, I’m excited to share this look with you.

I always browse the Net-A-Porter site to see what the super high end designers are making, and I rarely leave the site underwhelmed. img_7066I notice that even when the design is minimal, the materials used seem to be the best quality. Can you say silk wool blend?!

I came across this amazing look from Alexander McQueen.I love how chic the model looks. This is a perfect outfit for the office, (with a little more coverage up top of course) but can easily be worn out for dinner and drinks. Usually McQueen is a little too out there for me, but let’s be honest… This look was safe enough for me to recreate and actually be wearable. LOL!

Check out that price tag. $875 for a pair of pants!! I paid a half of a fraction of that price for my entire look! I snagged so many yards of a medium weight black stretch suiting last time I was at The Loft in LA. It has a great drape for dresses, is opaque enough for pants, and has just enough stretch to not be stiff as cardboard. At just three bucks A POUND, I got all that I could. Like, 5 or 6 yards. You’ll be seeing this fabric again.

I used Simplicity 1283 for my pants. It has the high waist look, and a flare leg. I have made this pattern before with no modifications so I knew it would be a breeze to come together.

I used Simplicity 1366 for my cami. I had a silk charmeuse from Mood that I got last year. I have to admit I thought it was black until I took photos. Then the light bulb went off. When I purchased this fabric it was on sale listed as an “olive” color. When I got it home I thought “haha I win, it’s definitely black..” jokes on me huh?! It looks good though!

Ok ladies (and gents!), see you next week. Let me serve you some model realness in these photos!




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