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DIY Taupe Set

Well hello again,

Today I come at you with some 90’s nostalgia. I have been so inspired by Calvin Klein Underwear over the years, from their controversial old school ads to their more #message sending ad campaigns of today. I always look at the photos and think how cool the models look, and how I want img_7706to be “that girl.” Though I will never be the one posing for the ‘gram (or the blog for that matter) to each his own! I’m all for positive body images y’all, but some things are better off left in the comfort of my own home.

I say all that to say, I made lingerie! My first go isn’t the fanciest lace, or all strappy. It’s straight-forward, and of the best quality bamboo knit. Boooyy, was this a fun project! Made me feel like I can conquer the world (more importantly, I conquered that super thin and flimsy jersey knit LIKE A BOSS) !!!Side note: I have already made three purchases and scrapped two bras for “parts”.. I’m diving in to the “under”world hahaha.

I used taupe and black for this project because I wanted a cute set that I could lounge around in, and I wanted it to look sporty-cute, but not overly sexy (aka, I needed to test the fit before I cut into my laces). The patterns used were the OhhhLuLu Scarlett Bra and Nora Panties. Super easy patterns with clear directions that make it a quick fix project.

img_7696I made no modifications to the patterns themselves, but I played around with different elastics. Being new to undie sewing, I had no idea the differences in lingerie elastics. I used a slightly larger fold-over elastic for most of the garments, which gave it that iconic Calvin Klein look. Sporty. I like that ish.

I’m not gonna lie, I feel pretty bada** being able to sew lingerie. There’s something unusually gratifying about it. After all these years of thinking “I’ll just buy that stuff, I don;t have time to make it” I  couldn’t be more wrong! I whipped out a full set in MAYBE 2.5 hours… TOPS.



8 thoughts on “DIY Taupe Set”

  1. This is super cute. I, too have delved into underwear sewing. 🙂 it’s incredibly gratifying. Question – where did you purchase your wide FOE? and actually, how wide is that elastic? it looks like it’s an inch but i’m not sure.

    1. Hi Angel! I got that at Joanns. It was pretty much the only choice they had lol but it worked for that! I believe it’s an inch or maybe slightly larger. Thanks for stopping by!

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