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DIY Floral Top – Vogue 8977

Hey Dolls!

Alright, I’ll be honest. These pictures ain’t pretty. We may live in the desert, but I’m no outdoorsy girl. We took pictures in a park and I kid you not I saw a few rabbits, some chipmunk lookin’ things, and a rat. Excuse the mean mug, I had rodent disgust on my face. Your girl was scurrrred.

Let’s keep this short and sweet. I love this top pattern. The “dress as top” trend is sweeping the nation, and I’m all for it. img_7382It’s the most comfortable outfit one could wear! Like someone important looked around one day and said, “Oh HELL NO. Leggings and a half shirt? I don’t wanna see all that! Let’s put a dress over your pants, and call it cool.” Everyone wins, and I extend my wardrobe. that’s what I’m talkin’ about!!

Anyway, it came together pretty quick, and this printed rayon from Joanns was so nice to work with. I’ll be making and wearing a lot more of these dresses tops.


img_7391 img_7393 img_7396



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