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DIY Shift Dress – M6927

Happy Monday!

Today is the second (and final) portion of my “festival” inspired fashion. I had a blast with this! For the second look I decided to go a little “gangster goth.” I’m almost positive that isn’t a thing and I just made that up, but it works.

I paired a little black dress with some flats and a choker, and whoa! I was too cool for myself. Lol. I just scream Coachella. Maybe not Burning Man cool, but that’s a different breed of party goer.

IMG_8050Anyway, I was glad to make a shift dress. I always have a hard time finding them to fit me because my top is so much smaller than my bottom. AKA, if it fits in the hips, it looks like I have a garbage bag up top, and if it fits up top… It’s a shirt lol, it aint goin’ over these hips. They don’t lie..

I made a slight adjustment to the shirt pattern 6927 from McCall’s. I lengthened and adjusted width for my hips. It was a simple mod, and I got a great dress out of it! I also changed the shape of the hemline to a more trendy “shirt dress” look. I have already worn it to work. Minus the choker lol. Mama isn’t THAT cool.

Do you see those shoes? You’ll never guess who they are.. You know I work in Comfort Footwear… Wait for it.. Dr. Scholl’s! They have a line named the Original Collection,


and they are so cute! Very comfy too as you can imagine. This one is the View, but they have a lot of great options here. Of course I get special treatment working at Zappos, but they wouldn’t treat you any different! We are known for our customer service. They have fast free shipping, and free returns. Try them out the next time you are looking for a new pair of shoes, clothing, even handbags and accessories!

That’s my “schpeel” for now. I have a toddler throwing food at me. Have a great day!

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  1. LOL-I love how real your posts are “I have a toddler throwing food at me”

    Totally been there! Love the shift dress, and the fit is fantastic on you!

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