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DIY Valentino Dress – V9021

Happy Monday !

Before we get into the goods (and boy do I have GOODS today) have you checked out my Shop? I just added a couple items that are “Sample Sale” style. This means they have been worn only in blog pictures, and are one of a kind! They are an amazing deal, so snag them up while you can. There are also a couple cosmetic goodies in there, and I posted about how I personally use those here. I plan to continue to develop the shop in the coming months so check back for what’s to come!

Now let’s talk about this dress! We all browse expensive clothing for hours and hours lusting after dresses that cost thousands of dollars, and shoes that would kill our toes if we wore them. While I wear the shoes anyway, I can’t quite justify spending A FEW mortgage payments on an outfit. LOL. This happens often for me.. Recently I was browsing my favorite high-priced retailer, and found the most beautiful Valentino dress ever! It was perfect for spring, and seemed so simple to make.The flutter sleeves are “huge” right now, and although I have not been sold on them, this was the deciding factor for me haha. I even had fabric in a similar color and weight! THAT part almost never happens, so I jumped on my idea.

I’ve had this minty-blue stretch cotton twill for four years or so, and never touched it. I don’t even remember where I got it from it’s THAT old. Anyway, I used the bodice of Vogue Pattern 9021. It was an identical match to the bodice of the inspiration dress! Modifying the rest was SO simple. Instead of the pencil style bottom, I just drafted a quick Quarter Circle skirt and attached that. A Quarter circle skirt has much less volume than a half or full circle skirt, and I like the look it gives (also saves that yardage too!).

I almost didn’t realize it was already Me Made May 2016! Are you participating this year? I don’t think I am. My biggest excuse was that I have been LIVING in my Levi’s 501 button down jeans.. However, the moment ClosetCaseFiles released her newest pattern the Morgan Boyfriend jean, I guess my lame excuse doesn’t cut it anymore. SO EXCITED to finally make my own with the help of one of her denim kits! Seriously just made my morning thinking about it. HAHA! Have a great day dolls.


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  1. I love it I got this pattern last year and the sleeves made me put it in my unfinished pile, I will pull out the pattern and try it again with the flare skirt. Thanks for posting

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