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Ginger Jeans

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Oh Hey!
Long time no post, right? It has been a mighty busy few weeks in our house, and while I managed to sneak in sewing time I never got around to posting anything. I cleaned both of my closets, and revealed to myself yet again that I am in dire need of basics. Sewing basics aren’t that fun though, hence why my Me Made #BasicBxtch stash is slim to none.

I’ve come to the conclusion that tees, tanks, and simple knit tops are cheap enough to buy.. IMG_8520They pretty much all look the same, and I am fine with purchasing them. So, what did I make instead to beef up my #BasicBxtch stash? I sewed up some undies! Two Watson Bras, and Two Watson bikinis! Oh yeah! I love both of these patterns, and the bikini is so comfy in the bamboo knit that I used here.

I also *whipped* up a new pair of Ginger Jeans! In all my excitement to receive my Cone Mills Denim kit to make the Morgan Jeans pattern, I wanted to make a new pair to remain comfortable sewing jeans. My first pair of Ginger’s was blogged here.

This pair was made using a stretch polka dot denim from Mood in NY that I picked up earlier this year. The stretch is very generous to make these comfy, but NOT (the dreaded) JEGGING. I cut a straight size 10, because it was closest to my waist measurement and I knew the denim would stretch during the day to accommodate my hip measurement (which is closer to this patterns size 12-14).

The instructions are really great. If you get stuck, the sew-along has visual instruction for extra information. The only hiccup I had was my pocket stays. I used a Wax Print fabric for my waistband so it didn’t stretch out, but forgot that the same fabric for pocket stays would reduce the stretch in the hip area where I needed the most stretch. ROOKIE jeans maker move! I couldn’t get the damn things on! Moral of the story, I started a diet, went to the gym… I cut straight up the pocket stays, serged those bad boys closed, and was able to zip my jeans. Bend, twist, move, drop down and get my eagle on… I was instantly skinny again HAHAHAHA.

IMG_8879 ginger3 ginger2 IMG_8878

IMG_8500 IMG_8522


Before I go,

I wanted to share Shari’s coaching series with you all. She is generous enough to share her process of turning her hobby into a business at no cost to you! All of the trials and tribulations that come with owning a business will be explained, and save you some time if you decide to venture out on your own. Check out Shari’s Coaching Series and follow along with her!

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