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DIY Culottes and Tank // M6515 S8093

Hey Dolls!

I’m not gonna bore you with conversation today.. I had a long weekend, and baby decided he wants to start waking up before the ass crack of dawn. You can only imagine what that means for me. Coffee cup on full all day.

IMG_9225This past weekend my best friend graduated with her Master’s degree. Champagne coupled with all of my second family in one room (after I haven’t seen them in YEARS)… let’s just say I cried before I even got to say my toast. I have an ugly cry people. THE UGLIEST CRY. Like can’t talk, hyperventilating, total embarrassment. And Hubs got it on video. SMH. Let’s just put this picture in here and call it a wash.

The jumpsuit I wore is from one of our new clothing brands at work Adelyn Rae. We had a big clothing day in our plaza, and I won a piece of clothing of my choice from this brand. The quality is great. I had to alter it a bit to fit, but only because I knew it had to work as I wouldn’t be able to exchange or return if it didn’t fit since it was coming straight from the showroom and not from my job directly.

As for my outfit this week, Love it. It is a pair of the ever-popular culottes, and a simple tank. The shoes are old from Aquatalia , and I only wear them when I’m feeling super cool. Metallics are really trendy right now, and these are a pretty cool alternative.

For the culottes I used a mustard gabardine fabric that wrinkles like crazy, and a modified M6515. The modification was simple, I just shortened the pattern piece at the lengthen/shorten line. They are really comfy, but bunch up at the crotch for no dang reason! Awkward. Anyone know why this is happening? It doesn’t seem too short or tight in the thigh so not sure. Could be fabric choice as well. I also found a cute RTW option here for my non-sewers that doesn’t bunch up! haha!

The tank is Simplicity 8093. It is a breeze to sew, but not drafted the way I was thinking it was. It’s a little front heavy because the bulk of the two pieces being sewn together adds weight. That could also be alleviated if I had used a really thin fabric instead of the navy suiting I used. I also had to tack it in the middle because it doesn’t call for a closure in the front where it crosses over. I thought it would be ok, but I was showing a little too much of the goods for my taste. Simple fix. This RTW top is cute, and seems to have a little more coverage.

img_9338 img_9342 img_9345 img_9351 img_9343


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