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DIY Taupe Wrap Dress V8379

Well Hello There Dolls!

Happy to be back! Last week was the big shoe show in NY, and I was traveling all week. It was ROUGH. I know, a free trip to NY doesn’t sound like work, but trust me it is! Between vendor meetings, vendor dinners, getting around the city, and sneaking in a Versace Sample Sale here and there I AM TIRED!

When I got back to my toddler it wasn’t any easier. He is testing my patience y’all! Fun times ahead, but I wouldn’t change it for the world..

To wind down and relax (yeah right, who am I kidding?), I forced hubby to drive me out to a new art exhibit in the middle of the desert and take pics. It is called Seven Magic Mountains, and it’s literally stacked columns of painted rocks. It is SO cool you guys! If you’re ever in town this is a must see.

It was the perfect background for my super simple summer dress. I was getting my Kanye’ on with this one. I left it unhemmed, and this rayon bamboo knit is so luxurious it just added to the “umph” of my fit.

I have made this pattern before, so I knew I needed no modifications to get the look I wanted. I used the bodice as drafted, and the skirt was just a panel of fabric gathered and attached at the waist.

I will leave you with pics, and be backĀ  for an NY recap!

3 thoughts on “DIY Taupe Wrap Dress V8379”

  1. Those stones look awesome!! I saw these pics of you on IG and couldn’t wait to read about them.
    I agree with g-ma, the dress flows beautifully which I bet was perfect for the desert heat!
    Beautiful as always babe <3

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