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Morgan Boyfriend Jeans and DIY Tank M6960

Happy Independence Day! Excuse my absence dolls. It’s officially my birthday month, and I’m baaaack!!

I’m so excited to bring you this outfit today. No cheesy Red White and Blue fit from me today, although I HAVE embarrassingly shown my patriotism one too many times lmbo..

Y’all know I’m all about the comfy cute look, and this tank and jeans set really gives me LIFE! My son is on the move these days, and keeping up with him often means I have to wear something comfortable to work so that I can change shoes in the car before I get him from home and take him to the park. It is constant mayhem right now, we are usually at the park before bed time since it’s over 100 degrees during the day. I have no time for heat strokes. LOL

The jeans are ClosetCaseFiles Morgan Boyfriend jean, complete with button-fly. You may have seen my Ginger jeans post here, and again I can’t stress enough how much this chick knows her shxt when it comes to jeans. They remind me of the classic Levi’s 501 fit. I will say they are drafted for denim with no stretch so be careful when sewing them up. I highly recommend basting and fitting them a couple times. I had mine all sewn and top-stitched when I realized I needed to take a wedge out of the center back seam and waistband. Luckily the seam I himg_0435ad to create on the waistband is covered by the belt loop there, but I doubt anyone would notice it even without it. These jeans were so much fun to make!

I especially had fun designing the back pockets. My sister-in-love and her husband along with mine had a long debate over what I was going to put back there. I tuned out their “interesting” (aka BAD) ideas about stars and designer names, and opted for a simple double line with “est. 1989” on the right pocket. I thought it was fitting since I am coming to terms with my age, and I’m almost another year wiser haha! It’s a great addition. Companies always want you to know how long they’ve been around, and the retro feel and fit of these jeans had me wanting to share how long I’ve been around as well.

The denim I used is an Italian denim supplied in the kit that Heather offered with the release of her pattern. It is 100% cotton, and has a beautiful textured look. It is great quality so I can;t wait for these babies to start getting some aging from normal wear and tear.

My tank is just about the cutest thing I’ve made all year! It is McCalls 6960 View D and the back of View A/B. I made it in a fun rayon print that I found while sampling fabrics for an upcoming project. I am loving rayon. It is a man-made textile typically light weight, and takes to dying extremely well so you will find it in prints galore. Great summer fabric, and it can be used for practically any application from dresses to scarves!

Now, some of you may know I went to a fancy fashion college. *rolls eyes* I won’t go into detail, but I will say my favorite class was Textile Science. I had never met a science class that interested me until this one. Just recently I was brainstorming a couple projects and I thought back to this class and the wealth of information that it was for me. Make sure to sign up for my email list, because I am ready to pass on that knowledge to you! I know it can be difficult buying fabric online, not knowing how much fabric to buy if you don’t have a specific project in mind can also be tricky. I am here to help! So stay tuned friends.

8 thoughts on “Morgan Boyfriend Jeans and DIY Tank M6960”

    1. Thank you! Girl, they said stars, barcodes, cursive letters, straight 2000’s suggestions haha! Gotta love family

  1. Your jeans look great! Did you have to make any modifications? I purchased the kit and I am so terrified that I’ll ruin my good denim that I haven’t made them yet. By the way, enjoy 4th of July in Vegas! I surely miss it, we’re forbidden to do any personal fireworks in VA, even sparklers are illegal 🙁

    1. The only modification I made was to take a wedge out of the CB seam and waistband. Next time I will probably size down one size because the 100% cotton stretches out quite a bit after 5 min of wearing. I purchased the kit as well, and was also nervous as heck but I say go for it! They’re great jeans.

    1. Carmen, it’s not hard at all! And I may be a little biased because I haven’t used any other jeans patterns but Heather at ClosetCaseFiles makes it SO easy in her pattern instructions

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