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DIY Pom Pom Shoes + Tutorial

Hi Dolls!

It’s officially my BIRTHDAY week! More importantly, my Mother is about to be able to say, “Pshhh.. My daughter is damn near 30” LOL! People never believe her. It’s crazy! #BlackDontCrack .. Anyway, in honor of “T Day” (yes, It’s a thing) I thought I would bring you a quick and inexpensive DIY accessory. SHOES!

The Pom Pom is IN. From handbags to jackets to hats, and everywhere in between.. Designers can’t get enough of this obnoxious little ball of fluff. Don’t believe me? Check out this Chanel Bag. It’s also crazy how ridiculous the price tag for these shoes is. Over $900 for something embellished with a kids craft item from Michael’s?? No way.

Now while I’m not about to pay that kind of money (hello rent, car payment… Child!) for something SO trendy that will be forgotten by next season, I did want a piece of the action. The kicker for me though, and why I decided to do my own tutorial, is I needed something less permanent. Yes, some DIY divas have created their version of this already, but every time they get the glue gun out and start applying two cent pom poms to perfectly good shoes, I cringe!! So, my version is completely removable. THAT’S RIGHT. When the trend dies, I still have a pair of shoes, unscathed.

What’s this witchery you ask? Here we go…

Step 1: Gather Supplies.img_0401

Step 2: Sew Velcro on to knit fabric so that it forms a loop.img_0400 img_0399

Step 3: Double check that your fabric is a good size for the shoe strap, and then sew or glue your pom poms to the Velcro piece.

img_0398 img_0397

Step 4: Add your pom poms to your laces, and feed through the back of the shoe.

img_0396 img_0394

Step 5: Repeat with as many obnoxious crafty gems you can think of!img_0390img_0392

see, completely removable…

And here they are in all their glory… 12cc-f9af-ebd7-e28e img_0405

9 thoughts on “DIY Pom Pom Shoes + Tutorial”

  1. I LOVE how you did this and that you made it so you don’t have to commit to a permanent change with your shoes. Thanks for sharing such a great DIY!!!

  2. This is so dang clever! The shoes are just perfect and begging for some poppin’ decoration….great job!

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