How We Got Married For Under $1000

Hey Dolls!

Long time no see?! Well, judging by the title of this post I’m sure you can figure out the most exciting news about my month long hiatus here on the blog… WE GOT MARRIED!! Amongst other family things, like moving, and shoe show season we have had an exhaustively busy month.

And I promise I have been sewing, but unfortunately I did not make my wedding dress. So there. That’s out of the way. LOL. I will get to some recent makes in another post, but today I wanted to share just a little about how we got married with a really tight budget. Did you know the average wedding in America is around 40,000 dollars? In addition to that, most couples end up putting this financial risk on themselves so they go into marriage with added debt and stress. NO THANK YOU. Ain’t nobody got time for that, and the way my family is set up… I would rather use that money for more important things like a home, college fund for my kid.. you get my drift?

Anyway, let me explain what we did and how we did it. So the three major components we paid for:

  • Venue
  • Clothing
  • “Reception”

Venue: We got married at San Francisco City Hall. Some people frown at City Hall weddings, but when I tell you img_1276that building is GORGEOUS, that’s an understatement. It is an historical building with beautiful arches, gold detailing, daylight that hits all of the right angles, COME ON!!! Best of all… It was less than $200 for the license and ceremony combined. We also chose to do it on a weekday because the building is less crowded. This allowed for us to be married in the Rotunda that overlooks the grand staircase, as well as get a great photography session on the Mayor’s Balcony (you usually have to pay for a ceremony here).

Clothing: Now y’all know sewing is in my BLOOD. It was almost a disgrace to not be able to say I made my own dress. However, given the time constraint, the pure CHAOS that was our lives this month, there was no way it was happening. So.. I had a vision for my outfit and made it come to life with ready to wear.

I will admit.. THIS is where we spent a good chunk of the money. My outfit was about $100 (not including the AMAZING Sapphire and Diamond earrings my Grandmother so graciously passed down to me), hubby’s was around $200, and baby boy’s was about $80.

WE ARE IN FASHION. We knew that the clothing was going to be “major key” on our wedding day.img_1020

If you think you can cut these costs down, then you’ll only make that total go down. DO IT. I swear it’ll be the best decision of your newly married lives to cut costs wherever you can. You know what’s important to you. Make it work!

“Reception”: Now, I use quotes here because we did not spend money on a fancy party for everyone to get drunk and forget why they showed up. The City Hall building advises only 6 witnesses can be at the ceremony. So, we got our 6, and we invited a few more to dinner that night at a restaurant. In total we had about 25 people. It was a small ice cream shop that served food, and I think it was SO much better than any restaurant chain could have been for us. We got to be as loud as we wanted, the bill wasn’t astronomical (because no one really drank a ton), and everyone got dessert which is ALWAYS a plus! The kids were happy, we were happy, and my Grandparents split the bill. I included this as part of the cost because it was very doable (maybe $500 plus tip), and most people’s families are willing to kick in what they can if you aren’t trying to five star steakhouse them, YA KNOW?!

Now let’s get to some real talk.. At the end of the day, all anyone cares about are the pictures right? So why stress out about debt, flower color, table settings, etc. When you can really just snap that one AMAZING photo and let everyone else get on with their lives?

Okay maybe that’s just me.

Speaking of photos, before I get to mine.. We did not hire a photographer. Maybe this is where an added expense hits a lot of people. My God Mother used to be a photographer, and she took all of our photos with our Canon Rebel T6S that we use for our blog photography. Get a tripod. TAKE YOUR OWN PICS! Seriously. The name of the new game is, HOW EXPENSIVE DOES MY WEDDING LOOK because it cost next to nothing. HA! I hope some of these tips help, or at least give you some ideas on how to keep it minimal chic! Ok, here are some photos of our special day!


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  1. Aweeee yaaaayyyyyyyyy!!!!
    Congratulations lovebuggggg!!! What a brilliant approach to a wedding and so incredibly budget friendly!!
    I love the dress you chose too, perfection!

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