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Favorite Shoe Trends For Spring 2017

I already know what you’re thinking. This chick is crazy. Talking about Spring? Of NEXT year?

Well get on board hunny. If you want to be in fashion you have to be a season ahead at all times.

The month of August is pretty much a wash for me (as is February) because it’s show season. Now yes it means runways, models and stylish people on all of your social media accounts, but let me give you a small glimpse of my reality before we get into my Favorite Shoe Trends For Spring 2017.

I have discussed “market week” a couple times before, but some people still have no idea what a buyer really does. Like, my Mother in Love doesn’t get it. Love her to death, but seriously afraid of what she tells people when they ask what I do for a living. LOL!

Here is a quick snapshot of market and the prep that goes into it:

Thursday before market: We pull sales reports. From high level things like net sales/net margins, and unit sales ALL the way down to style level detailing so that we are fully prepared in each meeting. Always ready to discuss overall business to “big wigs”, and granular details to our sales reps.

The weekend before market: Since we are in Vegas and New York for market, there is a TON of crap to do. The weekend before is when our vendors come to Vegas (because DUH!), and Zappos throws a huge party to celebrate the relationships that we foster with our brands. This weekend also includes dinners, shows, anything else we can do to show these lovely people a good time. Ok forgive me if it sounds like I’m complaining. We work VERY hard, but we party harder. This show we saw J-Lo with a brand. She was AMAZING.

Market WEEK: NON STOP APPOINTMENTS. Every hour, sometimes every half hour. I track our steps each day because it’s amazing. We walk 7-8 miles in 8 hours IN HEELS each day. Stopping to say hi, meeting new brands, watching the trends, meeting the President, Vice President, hearing about this kid and that house being built… And in MOST of these meetings we get to work. Down and dirty with the reports. What shoes are working, what’s not working. How are we going to have a bigger and better upcoming season.. Why is this color stronger than that one. Why is this material $2 cheaper than it was last year. NITTY EFFING GRITTY.

AND THEN just when you think the day is over, we take our vendors to dinner. Or they take us.. Being the “customer service company that happens to sell shoes” it’s only right. I love my job. But at the end of the day I wanna sit the heck down, play with my kid, not think about a freaking shoe… Until the next day when it starts all over again! It’s madness.. Fortunately for me, I work with some of the most down to earth people, and they make all of these trips so worth it. They know their shxt, and really try to make my life as easy as possible.

Well that was pretty long-winded. Now that you know how the shoes get to the site, let’s see what Spring 2017 has in store for us!!

I will keep pics to a minimum to protect my brands privacy (since these shoes haven’t gone into production yet).

Also, I have linked to some shoes I find relevant to the trends right now. Just in case you want to stay ahead of the curve like I do *wink*

Sneakers: EVERY BOOTH had a sneaker. Athleisure is still kicking ass, and I’m here for it! Check out these AdidasĀ  *SWOON* and I think I’m buying these Cole Haan’s.

Dusty Pink: This color is “the new neutral”. You will see it everywhere, and it will be great. This Michael Kors version is perfect for Fall and great for transitioning to Spring.

Laser-Cut Uppers: This is going to be (for lack of a better term) “huuuuuge”. Taking perforation to new technologically inclined heights. It’s already making a statement in this bootie from Kenneth Cole New York.

White Soles: Making it’s way into another spring season! If done correctly, I can dig this. This Birkenstock is a classic. The updated “White Out” look is so chic!

Espadrilles: Flats, Sneakers, Wedges, this classic spring style will be a DIY’ers dream trend! They make kits to sew your own!

Soft Gold Metallics: YAY for this! In menswear inspired oxfords, SIGN ME UP! I think I’m dubbing these Keds as my new airport/grocery store shoe.

Before I go, Let me drop you a gem on where you can find this information. It is a B2B (Business to Business) magazine that we receive every season before showtime.. Footwear Plus. Click the link to go to their Trendspotting article that lists some of these same trends!

What do you think will be your favorite spring shoe trend?

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  1. So proud of you. A hard working woman. I love the Cole Haan’s winged oxford (pricey, but looks comfortable) and the DIY Espadrille sounds like fun. Keep up the good work.

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