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DIY Men’s Shirt Refashion

I am not a thrifter. I cannot stand thrift stores, and would much rather save myself the headache, awful smells, and questions about who the previous owner was of my “trash to treasure” findings. *side eye*

But because I love yall, and I know that most normal people like to thrift. I tried it out. I went in with a game plan, and came out with two Men’s dress shirts for $13. Is that a good deal? I don’t even know haha! I thought it was, especially since hubby wasn’t letting me anywhere near his dress shirts with a pair of shears.

Menswear inspired outfits are going to be HUGE this Fall season, so I thought I would join in on the fun.

What better way to rock a menswear inspired outfit than to start with a Men’s piece? I grabbed my seam ripper and got to work.

This refashion is so easy, anyone can do it.

First, I tried the shirt on and decided that I needed to take in the arm and side seams to be a little less “baggy”.

Then I unpicked the seam where the back of the shirt meets the yoke. The yoke was folded under and pressed pretty img_1579-4good, so I stitched that right back up. Typically the back of the shirt contains a small pleat. I unpicked the stitches there and gained an extra inch or two.

I cut down the middle of the back of the shirt (not the yoke).

Next, I put the shirt on my dress form (you could also have someone help you if you don’t have one), and laid one half of the shirt back on top of the other where it would not droop too much (about 4-5inches) and sewed.

Lastly, I hemmed all raw edges, and VOILA!

As for styling, keeping in mind my theme, I went for these oxford’s from Johnston & Murphy (They kindly sent me this pair after I drooled over them at our last meeting. #PerksOfBeingInTheShoeBusiness) I kept my look feminine with a statement necklace, and of course brought out my Morgan Jeans by ClosetCaseFiles for the occasion.

How are you planning to incorporate menswear into your Fall Fashion?

Have you done any refashions lately? Let me know in the comments!img_1585-4 img_1594-2 img_1593-4

5 thoughts on “DIY Men’s Shirt Refashion”

  1. Doing this tonight. I have an old oxford shirt my husband actually gave to me several months ago… It will be perfect to refashion into this. Thanks for the inspiration.

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