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DIY Camryn Dress by StyleSewMe

Hey Dolls!

I’m back with an amazing DIY Camryn Dress by StyleSewMe, but first.. It’s been a little quiet on the SewSinCity front! So many things have been going on.. Y’all know that mom life will get you every time!

My baby boy turned two last week and I wanted to cry. He’s so big. No Really.. He’s in the 97th percentile for height, and 95th for weight. He’s a beast. lol.

Story Time! Some random lady in the store was like, “how old is he, about 4?” I go, “Nope. He’ll be 2 in a few weeks.” She follows up with, “oh wow, dad must be tall.” I should’ve left it alone, but I hate when people just know everything… So I said, “Actually he isn’t.” THEN SHE PROCEEDED TO BASICALLY ASK ME TO CURSE HER OUT, “Wow, haha. I bet he questions you a lot..” I wanted to curse her out SO BAD. LIKE SO SO BAD. But i’m working on my anger. LOL. So I simply turned to her and said, “My son looks just like his father, and we all know EXACTLY where he came from. No questions asked.” I had to walk away. My blood was past boiling.

Anyway, before I get worked up again, with the little turning two.. This means that the blog is also turning two soon! OMG! I started blogging while I was at home on maternity leave as something to pass the time. Here we are two years later.. HOLLLAAAAA!!

Today I am sharing a “Shress.” Shirt meets Dress. I love this thing. I have been sitting on this beautiful lace fabric for so long. I got a crap ton of it in LA at my fave spot that sells fabric by the pound!! I didn’t know what I was going to do with it, and then my friend Eryn of StyleSewMe released her Camryn Dress pattern. I knew I wanted to make a version of that beautiful bodice, but in a style that suited me.

I love dresses, but I have been flocking to denim lately. I envisioned that bodice with a high low flowy skirt that would really play off the lace. I got exactly what I wanted!! I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome. The construction is not difficult, and Eryn even has a great video tutorial for beginners and all the visual learners out there. Win-Win!

Now that I’ve gotten my last summer sewing fix, it’s Time to think about Fall! What are your sewing plans? Is this DIY Camryn Dress by StyleSewMe in your queue?

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8 thoughts on “DIY Camryn Dress by StyleSewMe”

  1. First, I do not think little man looks four at all! Second, when I was two I really did look like I was five. I was 25″ long at birth and now am 6’2″ female so you can imagine. Anyway, my mom told me once she had me with her at a store and I started crying. A woman told me to stop acting like a baby and my mom lost her cool….she told the woman that I was only a baby, that I was on!y two and to please mind her own business. Now, my mom was the nicest person in the world but she had just had enough of people assuming this is and making comments about me. So, don’t feel bad about protecting your cub….mom’s have been doing that for at least sixty years!

  2. Love the dress and that lace is awesome. People can be so rude. She was luck I wasn’t there. LOL! I recently went to a fashion show at Chico’s and they were featuring a lot of chocolate colored faux suede and leopard prints. Palazzo and gaucho type pants are making a comeback. Think I will sew a lot this fall/winter.

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