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DIY Metallic Brocade Coat Vogue 9123

Hey Dolls!

I can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving. My favorite day of the year!! I cook every year, and have the family at our house. This isn’t something I picked up from my mother, she’s not the entertaining type, but growing up my Grandmother has always been the host for every event you can imagine. Any reason to have a party and we are all there in a flash trying to out drink each other. LOL!

*Drum roll please*

This is my first attempt at a coat, and it is AWESOME!

When browsing Pinterest pinning things to my Fall 16 Sewing Inspiration board, I came across this
screen-shot-2016-11-13-at-9-03-36-pmimg_2256really chic metallic jacket. It is minimalistic, and really a statement piece. It will work into my wardrobe so well, being that we have mild winters here in Vegas (it’s still 80 degrees in the day time!). The second Inspo pic is aD&G coat for $4500. No Thank you! But, very pretty and still the look I wanted.

Mood has a lot of metallic brocade fabrics right now, but the geometric print and bordeaux/navy/gold combo of mine caught my eye instantly. It was on the pricey side, but I knew if I turned out a great quality jacket it would be well worth the price tag. I chose a matte Navy suiting material for the lining. It’s a little heavier than a typical lining, which will be good for the colder months.

I did some research because I knew I’d seen the lovely Mrs. Erica Bunker in a chic jacket that played well with a bold printed fabric. The pattern she chose was Vogue 9123, and I went and picked up the same. She is the coat queen. That being said, I may have stalked her blog posts on jacket-making to see what bells and whistles I wanted to add to my own.

I decided on an added back stay, and customs made sleeve caps for my jacket. I also interfaced theimg_2305 stress points. In this jacket it was mainly the sleeve hem. Lastly, I *cough* copied (from Erica) the added bias trim around the facing inside of the jacket. I HAD TO! IT WAS THE COOLEST FEATURE ON HERS! I used a fancy gold bias tape to give it that extra luxe feel. None of these added features were difficult to do, and the internet has great tutorials on each element if you need a refresher.

I am so pleased with my jacket!

It will be the perfect piece to wear to our upcoming work travel in December to New York. I think. I have never been to NY in Dec, so I could be totally wrong haha! Guess I will see when I get there!

I decided to up my cool factor when styling this by pairing it with my Johnston & Murphy Oxfords for a menswear twist, along with a black bodysuit and boyfriend jeans. Can you say #CoolHipMom ?!

Have a great week, use those share buttons, and get to Panty Making!

10 thoughts on “DIY Metallic Brocade Coat Vogue 9123”

  1. Thanks for the plug. 🙂 Just had an impromptu gathering yesterday. Love the coat. I have been seeing a lot about Mood Fabric on the McCall’s Pattern page. Keep up the great work. Miss you. <>

  2. I have same these pins on my “brocade” board, and am cutting out a brocade jacket right now! I just discovered your make while trying to decide on the right length. I’m taking your gorgeous coat as a sign from the universe that my project is going to work out.

    Lovely work!

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