Quick Announcement and First Trimester Update!

Oh My Gosh. It’s 2017. Where exactly is time going?

I feel like I just posted about my Brocade Jacket, and here we are in another year, and *gulp* another SEASON?!

It’s my bad that I’ve been absent. We’ve been working on a whole new project hahaha.


If you follow the SewSinCity Instagram page, then you will see that we made an announcement last week. I wanted to quickly drop in and let you all know that the blog is still here, and we have big plans coming for the new year. Of course, this means that for the last three months I have been extremely fatigued, super nauseous, and down right (dare I say it) miserable. I thank God every day for this baby though, and Micah can’t wait to be a big brother!

We are so excited to be on this journey, and as I’m sure you all know Family and Health come first. With that being said, In the next couple weeks my morning sickness should subside and we will be back to our regularly scheduled program.

I am working on a really big project, and my patterns have already completed the testing stages. Unfortunately this was all around the time that I began to get sick, so they were put on the back burner for a little, but they are almost complete! EEK!

Here’s a quick FAQ about my pregnancy so far:

  1. Any cravings? or weird aversions?
    • No cravings yet. I usually don’t mind veggies, but this pregnancy so far COOKED vegetables make me gag.
  2. When are you due?
    • My Birthday! Mid July.
  3. Do you want a boy or girl?
    • Healthy baby please! Another baby boy would sweeten the deal though.
  4. Are you gonna sew ALL of your maternity clothes?
    • Yes and no. Yes, I am planning on sewing right up until the end of my pregnancy, but the only maternity clothing I see as a MUST HAVE are pants, and those can be easily manipulated from some RTW that I already own. Everything else will work in my wardrobe well after baby is here.

Any other questions, comments, or information you’d like? (concerns can be left at the door lol!)

Talk soon!!

2 thoughts on “Quick Announcement and First Trimester Update!”

  1. Aww!!
    I was born mid-july too, July 19th so I’m rooting for a boy that doesn’t go past due heeheehee!
    Have a lovely weekend, beautiful <3

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