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Easy DIY Maternity Jeans

Oh Hey!

I’m popping in for a super quick and VERY Easy DIY Maternity Jeans tutorial.

I don’t know about you, but this second pregnancy has me growing like a weed. I feel like I’m an elephant already, and this time last pregnancy people still didn’t know I was pregnant!

Anyway, I know tons of moms who are SO against buying maternity clothes. I completely understand. Most maternity clothes are BIG, baggy, and just all around unflattering. In addition to that, I found that going a size up in normal clothes was fine so I got by pretty good.

EXCEPT for one thing. PANTS.

My normal pants, pants a size up, NOTHING would go past my knees after my first trimester. So I knew going into this pregnancy that I would need quite a few pairs of maternity pants pretty quickly. Once upon a time, I made my first pair of Ginger jeans into a maternity pair. You can see those here.. NOT THIS TIME!

I had a couple pair of inexpensive Levi’s lying around, and they all had a good amount of stretch for “growth”. LOL ugh…

I converted them to maternity jeans in less than 30min.


  • Jeans (with decent stretch)
  • Scraps of elastic (I used two 4-in pieces)
  • Scissors
  • Sewing Machine

Step one:

At the side seam of the jeans, cut the waistband making sure to not cut through the bottom of the waistband. This will create a “hole” for the elastic to go.

Step two:

Place each strip of elastic into the holes you just created and pin in place.

Step three:

Sew a straight stitch across each end of elastic. I used elastic and thread that matched my jeans so that it’s not really noticeable.

VOILA! Magic. Super Easy DIY Maternity Jeans Tutorial. For all my moms (soon to be or any time in the future too!) out there, Pin this for later.


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