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Our Birth Story + Updates

Well, I’m officially a “hashtag” boy mom of two.

It has been an adjustment for sure, and we are still trying to figure out how we function during the day. One Word: COFFEE.

I struggled with the idea of writing a post like this. One, because every one writes “birth story” posts, and who has the time to read another? And two, because I know people that aren’t “kid” people, and I just didn’t think my platform here would benefit from “another” birth story.

To heck with it. I’m super passionate about birth, and I find it fascinating. I LOVE talking to women about their experiences, so why not share mine with a billion strangers on the internet?

Here is our story:

“They” say every pregnancy is different. After having one baby, however, you have something to compare the second time around so that first experience becomes your “normal.” My friends, “they” were right! This pregnancy couldn’t have been any more different than my first. I’m still not sure if the super high energy toddler in his terrible two’s had the biggest factor here, but this pregnancy was NOT glamorous. I felt huge, and I was exhausted 24/7. I didn’t want to blog, I didn’t want to come home from work and cook or work on my patterns, I just wanted to sleep.

The first trimester was scary. I was super excited that we were pregnant, but after experiencing a miscarriage a year prior, I was just nervous and din’t want to get too attached. Then it happened. I thought I was miscarrying again. After sitting in the ER for HOURS (and lots of praying!) we were told that I had a subchorionic hemorrhage which ruptured and caused me to bleed pretty heavily. This happens to 25% of women in their first trimester!

Going off on a tangent here but the stereotypical “keep quiet until you’re 14 weeks pregnant” needs to GO. If more women opened up about their pregnancy experiences, we would all benefit. There wouldn’t be these stigmas with pregnancy, and we would have so much more information about WHY women miscarry so often in the beginning, or WHY 25% of women experience bleeding in their early stages.. I DIGRESS. See? I told you I was passionate.. Anywayafter that it was pretty smooth sailing. I feel like this pregnancy flew by since I was chasing after a toddler most of the time.

Later in my pregnancy I developed extremely bad pelvis pain. It felt like my pelvic bones were going to collapse, and my doctor told me, “that’s common.” No, Sir. Do you understand that every time I take a step I can feel my bones popping out of place? Men… Lol.

I bet you’re ready for a funny story…

7/10 – appx. 415am

I was dead sleep, and my hip started hurting so I tried to roll over. When I finally made it to the other side, I felt something wet. I thought, “well, third trimester, second baby, there’s bound to be some leakage… Great.” Rolled my eyes and went back to sleep.

about 30 min later I moved again… More ummm water? Pee?

Definitely assumed I was peeing on myself..

By this time I was starving so I got up to go eat some cereal. *walking to kitchen* thinking, “man I can’t stop peeing my pants! This is so embarrassing.”

Side Note: Typing this out I realize how ridiculous I seemed, but I was truly IN DENIAL.

About 730-8am I called my mom and text my sister in law.

Me: “Mom, I keep peeing my pants and I’m tired of being pregnant, and this is so irritating…”

Mom: “Your water is broken, I’m getting on a flight.”

Me: “No. Marc just got off work, he’s asleep, I’m fine really.”

Mom: “I’m on my way.”


Me: “Sis, Do you think my water is broken? I keep peeing my pants a little every time I take a step or move.”

Sis: “No big gush? Then probably not. My last labor the midwife broke my water…”

I’m going to interject here again. ONLY ABOUT 15% OF WOMEN EXPERIENCE THE RUPTURE OF THE AMNIOTIC SAC PRIOR TO LABOR. The movies, and TV shows are a lie! There was no big gush of fluid, there was no puddle on the floor hen I stood up, there was none of that! And both of the women I talked to in the convos above have three kids EACH! That’s six birth experiences which gave completely different answers…


Anyway.. I ended up waking up the hubby, and we went to the hospital around 11am. I wasn’t contracting which was another reason I didn’t think I was in labor. My prior labor I had strong contractions for about 5 hours before deciding to go to the hospital, and my water did not break at all.

I didn’t start having strong contractions until around 3pm, and by that time I was scheduled to have a cesarean at 4pm. Although it was my second C Section, I was nervous as HECK. This was also different from the previous time, as that one was an “emergency” section, and I didn’t have the energy to be nervous.

However, it went extremely well, and baby boy was a whopping 9lbs 8oz!!! NO WONDER I was experiencing so much discomfort! This guy was huge in there!

I promise I’ll wrap this up. Lol

Baby boy’s blood sugar was low. Sometimes when birth weight is high (over 9lbs) it is hard for little ones to regulate their blood sugar after they aren’t attached to mama anymore. Unfortunately, our little guy had to stay in the NICU for the three days I spent in the hospital recovering. It was pretty hard on all of us. With our first, we didn’t even let the nurses take him out of our sight. So having to be wheeled down the hall to visit my baby, feed my baby, see my baby was extremely hard. His blood sugar would go up, and drop drastically every time he ate. I will leave most of the details and my opinion out of this part, but finally he stabilized after they took out his IV and let me breast feed more. GOD ANSWERS PRAYER!

We got to go home, and little man is over 11lbs at 3 weeks old.

We are SO happy 🙂

Did you make it this far? Did I lose you? Now that I am home and able to rest I’ll be able to get back to everything that I put on pause while I was pregnant!

Talk to you all soon!

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  1. Now that you have a toddler and a newborn and are recovering from a c-section, you are going to get back to everything? Honey, you are still in denial. Just rest and feed that baby. Much love.

  2. Congratulations on your new “little” guy! Happy you all are home and getting into your new routine. I love the miracle of pregnancy and birth and you’re right if more people shared it wouldn’t be so scary and folks could be more informed.

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