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Vogue Patterns 9242

Would you look at this! A blog post! In an outfit! AND I’m NOT pregnant!!! I’m finally sharing an outfit we can ALL wear featuring Vogue Patterns 9242.

Haha seriously, you have no idea how happy I am to get back to sewing normal clothes and get in front of the camera not feeling like a whale. Maybe just a small whale LOL.

Today I am sharing with you my MOMIFORM.

What’s a momiform you ask? Mom Uniform. I realize that each stage of life has it’s uniform; the type of outfit that is your go-to for most occasions. Now, this doesn’t have to mean the EXACT same articles of clothing every time, but the same look overall. For example, some women go in their closet and select a dress when they are in a hurry. Others, Like MYSELF, opt for a top and jeans. I LIVE FOR A TOP AND JEANS!!! This can be dressed up or down, and I go for it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

Right now I would define my personal style as “Comfy Chic”. I (want to) look put together, but keep my outfits comfortable, and cute. I am chasing around little ones you know.. There was a time when I lived in high heels and dresses. However, style is ever evolving, and right now comfort is above all else. And I am suuuuper okay with that!

Vogue Patterns 9242.

Let’s get into it. I originally bought this pattern because I purchased a top exactly like it, but I hated the length because the purchased top fell well above my jeans zipper and it made my torso look short. Very unflattering.

I remembered this fabric was in my stash, and decided to make my own. This olive/army green fabric is from The Loft in LA that I talk about all the time. I don’t know exactly what it is made of, but I loved the color, weight, and drape so I snatched about 3 yards of it. I was a little nervous about this weird shine on the fabric, but it’s mostly on the wrong side so the top turned out fine.

The gathers in the top are forgiving on my mid-section, and that’s always a plus. To make sure I had optimal coverage lengthwise, I cut View C which has a sort of high-low hem. I liked the sleeve of View A so I used that.

This came together rather quickly, although the pattern suggests you make your own bias binding and next time I’d rather use purchased binding. This particular fabric was a bit too bulky for that, and looks a little funky by the straps since there are so many layers sewn together in that area.

I would definitely make this top again, I love the other views as well.

Onto the shoes!

I am so upset I haven’t got to wear these beauties this summer, but I will definitely be bringing them out as soon as I can next spring! These were sent to me right as I was going on maternity leave, and by that time I had given up on shoes haha. In 115 degree heat, and 8-9 months pregnant, I was completely done trying to be cute.

These are by Dr. Scholl’s Original Collection, and they are the cutest little platform oxford. This particular shoe has a cool woven detail with holes in it, and ahhhh I am just in love. I actually have three pair of shoes on this same platform bottom by them… See? MOMIFORM. When something works, you go with it. LOL

Alright I think I’ve rambled enough.

What’s your MOMIFORM? If not a MOMIFORM, what’s your current personal style?

Let me know in the comments!

Oh, and if you missed my latest pattern release, you can find it here.

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